New Leatt 4.0 Enduro Convertible Helmet

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[Press Release] – Leatt just announced the brand new 4.0 MTB Enduro helmet, included in their 2021 Bike Collection. Leatt’s maximum attention to  design in motorcyclist protection, in-depth testing and meticulous research and development makes the South African brand’s products among the most popular and internationally known, used by professional athletes around the world.



The new 4.0 Enduro helmet is certified for DH and features a durable and lightweight polymer fiber shell, an advanced ventilation system and the popular and effective 360 ​​° Turbine technology, which helps protect riders who suffer a fall from head trauma, concussion or other head and brain injuries.

This technology is able to reduce lateral acceleration up to 30% and rotational acceleration of the skull up to 40% in the event of an impact, thus limiting the risks of concussions and in general of all those traumas that can even seriously damage the head. In addition, the helmet has an internal lining in co-assembled EPS + EPP, which allows greater absorption of energy deriving from impacts and is compatible with the use of the neck brace.

The adjustable visor is equipped with an induced detachment system, which contributes even more to reduce the rotational forces of impact. The 4.0 Enduro helmet is tested and certified AS / NZS 2063: 2008, ASTM F1952-10, EN1078 and CPSC 1203.


The advanced ventilation system with 18 air intakes allows adequate ventilation at high and, above all, low speeds, a special detail that few helmets can offer. Like other helmets in the Leatt range, the chin vent can be removed to increase the airflow in the front. The internal padding is breathable, anti-odor, anti-humidity and easily washable, so as to be comfortable even after long rides during the hottest days. One of the main features of the new 4.0 Enduro is undoubtedly the removable chin guard, which is easily detachable or re-attached thanks to solid stainless steel hooks. This does not lead to compromise on safety though, because this helmet is still DH certified even if it has a removable chin guard.

Another useful feature is the FidLock magnetic closure system, to close and attach the helmet easily, even with gloves on. In case you are tackling a smooth ride or wearing sunglasses instead of a goggle, this helmet has an area under the visor to attach them securely when you are not using them. If you prefer to use the goggle, the three-point adjustable visor allows space for that too.


For those not interested in the removable chin guard, the helmet is also available in an open All Mountain configuration. This helmet still maintains all the other features, perfect for tackling the trails with safety, comfort and style. The new 4.0 Enduro helmet will be available from February at a recommended retail price of € 299.00, while in the All Mountain configuration for € 189.00.

It will be difficult to find another helmet with so many features and technology of the 4.0 Enduro. With an unbeatable level of protection, an ultra-secure fit and other notable details, this helmet will allow the wearer to pedal to the maximum and without worries. Let adrenaline and fun freely take control with the new 4.0 Enduro helmet.



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