Ibis Mojo HD3 Boost & Plus


[Press release] With the addition of Plus capability, you can build the HD3 in three distinct categories that will accommodate wildly different conditions and styles of riding, all with a single set of wheels.
  • The dw-link suspension effectively decouples suspension travel from climbing performance, so if XC or light trail bike duty is what you’re after, a nice light set of 2.3” tires will turn this beast into a svelte shredder.
  • If you ride in mud a lot, some 2.3 mud spikes will fit with gobs of clearance.
  • For those of you who just want to point it straight downhill or if you ride in very rough and rocky conditions, put on some 2.5s with good sidewall protection and hold on tight.
    Hint: if you want to use every mm of the 150mm travel HD3, the new Wide Trail (WT) Maxxis Minions are an ideal match for our 35mm internal width carbon rims.
  • And finally, the new kids on the block, equally confidence inspiring for beginner and expert alike, the 2.8” Plus tires from both Maxxis and Schwalbe offer levels of grip we’ve never seen this side of Velcro.

AK_20160308__K3_8907 AK_20160308__K3_8960 AK_20160308__K3_8949

That’s Not All
For current HD3 owners who want to upgrade to Boost/Plus, we’ve got great news. We are offering a swingarm retrofit kit for the 142mm HD3s to convert to the Boost/Plus swingarm. US MSRP is $899
 Ibis Mojo HD3 Boost Rear End Conversion-1 Ibis Mojo HD3 Boost Rear End Conversion-19
The retrofit kit consists of:
  • All new HD3 Boost/Plus Swingarm
  • New 148mm Hexle
  • Boost lower link
  • Boost lower link rear shaft hardware
  • Boost compatible front derailleur mount
  • Retrofit kits will ship in April, are available to backorder from our online store nows.



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