Industry Nine’s New 2021 Wheels

[Press Release] – Expanding the 2021 lineup from downcountry to enduro, new alloy wheelsets are available now. The latest product offering includes a refresh of the legendary Enduro 305 and an update to the ever-popular Ultralite rim. The evolved wheelset lineup keeps pace with trends in the industry with a focus on ride quality, reducing pinch flats and optimal fitment for the latest tire offerings.


The best alloy Enduro rim on the market just got better. Our most popular wheelset is now re-invented to improve your ride experience while protecting you from pinch flats. The third generation Enduro 305 is engineered with a shallower rim profile designed to enhance radial compliance and traction allowing the rider to minimize trail chatter while holding any line, on any trail.

The latest EN305 wheelset is built with a 45% wider bead wall that reduces the chance of pinch flats and impact damage. Built for maximum strength by way of a 32 hole spoke chassis, the EN305 offers increased stiffness for superior tracking through rough terrain. If your dream wheelset can keep the pace for all day sufferfests while eager to push the limits for that bucket list trip to Whistler – the latest generation EN305 is the option for you.

A wheelset built to break the tape on the XC course that can keep sight of the enduro crowd? What sounds like a fictitious innovation is the latest UL250 Mountain Wheelset.  Adapting to today’s XC bike tire preferences, the Ultralite wheels are revamped with a wider 25mm inner rim width capable of seating tires ranging from 2.1”-2.4” with ease.

In line with similar rim updates to the EN305, the UL250 utilizes a shallower rim profile and thicker bead wall to reduce arm pump and lower the risk of pinch flats that can ruin an otherwise great ride. The UL250 is constructed with a 2:1 lacing pattern by way of 24 straight pull spokes offering the rider a more forgiving ride quality with increased compliance – ideal for lighter riders and cross-country epics.

Both the Ultralite 250 and Enduro 305 are engineered with i9’s proprietary straight pull aluminum spoke Hydra hub and spoke chassis. The Hydra hubs are constructed with 690 points of engagement offering an unparalleled ride experience to clean the most technical climbs, accelerate at a split second notice and enjoy near instantaneous pedal feedback. The UL250 wheels start at $1,325, whereas the EN305 is available starting at $1,355.

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