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Marco Milivinti the current 2014 Superenduro series winner broke into the Enduro world only this year, winning the title on his first outings. A professional downhill racer who made the crossover and one of the nicest riders you could meet with a super professional attitude spoke to us in Punta Ala during our group test about his first year in Enduro. Although not yet known on the international circuit, this Italian champion is looking at getting into the top ten of the Enduro World Series eventually. He is now sponsored by Torpado aand will be part of their development squad this coming year.

Marco developed his skills in Downhill, when he added the fitness and speed he proved he is the start of the new generation of Enduro riders.

Marco in Punta Ala with his test bike.
Marco in Punta Ala with his test bike.


You’re the current 2014 Superenduro champion, what is this award, does it feel good?

It’s great, its the first year I rode the Superenduro circuit, things went well immediately, I’m satisfied and didn’t expect it.

How do you think other riders felt about you coming from nowhere and winning immediately?

The first few races, everyone was laughing friends and it was all cool, in the later races things started to change and the climate changed as things got serious, for sure a few got angry and next year they will come back even stronger.

Hoping over a little gap in a way that makes one wonder if as a normal rider you can survive.

This is part of racing, in you opinion coming from DH racing how professional is Enduro now?

Honestly, the first 5-10 riders are 100 percent professional, for sure the level of professionally has increased a lot. At an organisational level the professionalism is high, regarding riders the majority of riders are there for fun, and spend time on the bike.

What about the EWS how is that?

I came 30th in Finale figure, the first EWS race I did. The level of organisation and resources is high and like DH in many ways.

What does one have to do to be in the top ten of the EWS?

Riders have to be complete in every way, the top ten currently contains lots of ex champions of the world in DH, so that’s also important at the moment.

Marco was enjoying the testing time on different bikes in Punta Ala with Mtb-mag.com.

When you are ring at the same pace as an ex world champion how do you feel?

Ha ha, I’m not always doing that yet! I need to improve I’m always behind.

Can you see a carrier in this sport for a few years?

In Enduro doors have opened, I can be competitive also as I get older, I have a plan going ahead for the next years.

Speed focus skill, the tools of an Enduro rider.

What the technical difference between DH and Enduro like to deal with?

I understood this slowly through the year, now the most important thing is weight and a shock lockout. Whether suspension is great or not is not the main point.

The shock lockout you mention, not all bikes have it, why is it important?

Yes it makes a big difference on sprint sections, exiting corners, working the rail etc, you can gain half a second here another half a second there.

How can a bike be strong and light?

You need the best materials and the best lightest components that you change every race.

Style and skill, perfect for a photo.

You need a lot of sponsors then, was it hard for you in the first year?

It’s difficult to find sponsors, many give you the bikes, but professionally in all ways has not arrived completely yet. you need a 12 kilo bike essentially.

When you are off season what do you do?

I do a bit of everything, gym, road and motocross.

The type of of trails for training what do you go ride, like here at Punta Ala?

I prefer to ride at the moment more trails where you have to climb and descend as I have enough descent experience.

How do you remember an Enduro track?

You remember the principle points, the lines are often those that get you to the bottom of the rack not always the fastest, you ned to not break your bike.

What’s the first race in 2015?

My aim is to do the whole of the EWS, plus the Superenduro in Italy.

Thanks Marco!

No problem.

Trail Riding Photo Location: Punta Ala Trail 44

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