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For second year running, the IXS Downhill Cup comes to revolutionize the latin American downhill in the Southern Hemisphere. This time with two continuous weekends in two countries, Argentina and Chile.


The track kept its same course as last year, technical strength plays an important factor. But things will not be easy, because the track might be in bad conditions, as traditionally, and the climate factor could help or harm anyone.

The morning begins with the first riders coming to Cathedral Hill, practice started at 10:00 AM and the cold morning made for a slow start.

Those puffy clouds made us remember the efforts of the day on Saturday.

The special guest of this race was Marcelo Gutierrez, who traveled from Colombia to Argentina only with a one goal, the victory!

Felipe Agurto came from Chile with big expectations and with excellent chances of achieving a good spot. In this picture, you can see him stretching minutes before starting in morning practice.

The first part of the track was comprised of a pair of turns and a jump which was formed by some logs that had been in place. Here you can see to Mauricio Acuña, who ranked third, and with some mistakes on track, he got the eighteenth place in Elite Men. Life and races allow for second chances, surely Mauricio will pursue them until get what he wants, the precious first place.

The silhouettes in the forest are some of the rarest things that can be observed when the light is of our side.

In the morning riders where throwing buckets of roost. Jeronimo Perez doing exactly that.

From the floor to the sky everything seems to have a different perspective .

It’s important to remember the rain that visited Cathedral Hill on Saturday, because it played a starring role in the final product, gracing the track with great conditions.

The rain that fell was well received by all since served for compacting the track which in some places it was very loose. After this great shower the grip improved around Cathedral Hill.
Marcelo Gutierrez hasn’t visited Argentina since 2007 but he came to participate in the Panamerican of MTB in Villa la Angostura,this opportunity was the first time he went to Cathedral Hill and his impressions were good.
Siwar Monteagudo from Peru got the seventeenth place in Elite Men, here you can see him among the forests of the Argentinian Patagonia.

Gustavo Santa Chiara, from Brasil, participated for the first time in a downhill race since he is a BMX rider. Within the many differences between the two disciplines, he highlights the constant effort that he has to do to be non-stop on a downhill circuit vs. the explosivity in a BMX race.

Marcos Mallmann en route to first place in Pro Master.All the best of recoveries to Facundo Descalzo who had a fall that will keep him away from the circuit for a while. I am sure that a resting from mountain biking will not not tarnish this young Argentine promise from continuing to progress and transcend in time.
Santiago de Santiago is started off this season at a slow pace and with this, in his second race of the year, he got the 3rd place in the Elite Men getting upping his results from a week ago in the Shimano Open.

Marco’s fluidity on track is simply incredible.

Lionel Vaccarini from above the trees at 1/20th of a second.Alía Marcellini in her second competition at Catedral Hill is getting closer to the first place…
Incredible that 11 seconds was the difference between Valentin Ricca and Felipe Agurto.
Jeremias Maio got 4th place almost a second away from Santiago de Santiago.
Great speed from Gonzalo Gajdosech who got the 1st place in Pro U17 men.
Even though Adrien Loron’s forte is not downhill racing, he managed to positioned himself in sixth place
For the second consecutive time, Camina Nogueira got the 1st place in the women’s Elite.
Mauricio Flores, got the 9th place in Elite Men, despite participating with a dislocated finger after falling in practice for Whip off’s.
Gnarly?The last seconds before the finish line, and Marcelo seems solid. But a different noise is heard when he goes through the last rocks. Is everything ok?

Hot seat for Marcelo Gutierrez, but one rider remains…
All are aware of the position of Jero, since there were few seconds that separated them in the qualy. But even through his concentration and determination, he couldn’t take a second away from his qualification time, unlike Marcelo who lost around five seconds.It is incredible to think about the result that Marcelo Gutierrez could have had with the tire in good condition. He went down 20% of the circuit with no air in his rear wheel.

Elite women Podium: 1.- Camila Nogueira
2.- Alía Marcellini
3.- Renata Wiese

Pro U19 men Podium: 1.- Felipe Agurto
2.- Valetin Ricca
3.- Lucas Carrera

With the time that Felipe Agurto (CHI) clocked, he got 5th place: quite awesome for the level of the riders, the track and, of course the age of this young gun. Elite podium.1.- Marcelo Gutierrez – 03:26.89.2.- Jerónimo Paez – 03:28.86.3.- Santiago de Santiago – 03:34.20.

Mas resultados : http://www.ixsdownhillcup.com/de/Ergebnis-Finale-Bariloche


With a few days of anticipation to the IXS Downhill Cup Latinoamérica, the preparation and build of the jumps started for the Whip Off’s in Catedral Hill.

The competition began with a warmup that occasionally were in trio, pairs or individual. This event mainly had Argentine riders, nevertheless foreigners riders stood out for whipping with style.

Sebastian Alfaro.
Adrien Loron

Jeronimo Paez.

DennisTondin Mauro Marcovecchio didn’t do a Whip, but he left everyone blown away with a huge tuck.
The sun was in the front and it’s important to take advantage of the resources, moreso if it is Adrien Loron in the air. The podium was fairly tight and the decision was not made until the last competitor finished jumping. First place was Sebastian Alfaro form Peru, 2nd place Adrien Loron form France and finally 3rd place Jeronimo Paez from Argentina.


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