iXS Downhill Cup South America

For the first time in history the iXS Downhill Cup will leave European territory and turn towards a completely new destination – South America, “La Tierra del Sol” where everything is different!

South America has a lot on offer for mountain bike downhill. It provides excellent conditions and, thus, is the perfect host for some high-class competitions! This is why our new adventures will lead us to Argentina and Chile. The combination of different ski resorts together with beautiful cities full of tourist attractions and the latin culture provides the perfect infrastructure not only during the winter season, but also in South American summer.
At the same time, many riders in Europe are facing the long winter months of the northern hemisphere, looking for alternatives and new destinations during the off-season to improve their skills, and maybe to even already start scoring some points for the international ranking earlier in the season. And we have the answer!


South America already started to host world-class events in recent years. So the organizers put together a very interesting schedule for Downhill racers all over the world. What we have in mind will be especially tempting for all the participants of the iXS Cups. Not only is it exciting to travel and explore unknown places, but there is another special reward as the points collected in the South American Cup will be added to the overall iXS standings.

Next to the UCI World Cup, the iXS European Downhill Cup is one of the most important series in the world with more than 10 years of experience and more than 2000 participants from 40 different countries.

The first race will invite the riders to Bariloche in Argentina from 23-24 January 2016. The track at Cerro Catedral was especially developed for this purpose and already awaits you and your bikes. After that, the second event takes you all to La Parva, near Santiago de Chile, from 5-6 February 2016.

But that is still not all: between those two races lies the opening race of the South American season with the Open Shimano Latam. In total, we offer you 3 weekends of high-class downhill racing in a row.

However, riders who want to take part in Argentina’s race will have to meet some requirements. For example it will be mandatory for participants to own a UCI license, as the resulting points will be added to the official UCI Rankings, as well as the iXS Standings. (For more information see the regulations section on the website).

As far as the overall organization is concerned, Montenbaik LTDA and Ride SRL, as the leading mountain bike promoters in South America, will be in charge of both competitions.

The registrations have officially been opened. For more information please visit: www.ixsdownhillcup.la

Photo:  © extreme-pics / Thomas Dietze

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