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With the modern style of Enduro racing one of the key things within the rules of most series is that riders are not allowed much outside assistance. However normally during the middle of a race there is the possibility of pit time for a quick check up and exit.


We go over the key things to check mid-race, our entire recommendation takes around 10-15 minutes. If you have a professional mechanic even better! Self sufficiency is the key though. Most race rules mean the wheels, fork and frame are not allowed to be changed or swapped.  At some races, small components can be so have a collection of spares ready with you, you never know what might need swapping out.

Tools required: Allen keys, cable cutter, shock pump, cable ties, pressure gauge, bike stand, spoke keys, spare tubes, spare tubeless liquid and your own space to work in.


A few essentials, a place to carry out your check ups and a stand.


We start with checking the cables, a brake cable is loose, so we tighten the cable to another keep it from getting caught.


We had a terrible creak occur mid trail, we discovered a chainring bolt is missing, not seeing this could cost us a chain ring and our race-time.


We have spare bolts of course! We quickly tighten the bolt and check the others. We also check the bottom bracket has not worked loose.




Checking the derailleur hanger bolt is a good one, sometimes this shakes loose with excessive vibrations.


Whilst we are there we check we have not bent the derailleur hanger, have a spare one ready.


We check the fork pressure, and shock pressure.


Pressure seems good, we make no changes.


We spot a problem, the shifter cable housing has broken, we don’t touch it yet, it still works, if we have time we change at the end.


Tyre pressure check, all in good order here. 2.0 bar.


Wheels are running true, a spin of the wheel and finger show this.


Ok we realise that we have time so we change out the cable housing.


Remove the shifter and pull the cable out.


We cut 1cm of outer off and reshape.


Feed the cable through and connect.


An essential spare to carry in the tool box.


Passed through and ready to go.


Spin up and check that the gears shift nicely.


Ready to go! Our entire operation took about 12 minutes with our experienced mechanic, test yourselves and see how quick you can do all of the above, it might make the difference between winning and losing a few places.

Thanks To Our Mechanic Davide Bagnoli


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