Magura and WP introduce the Boltron upside down fork



During the Eurobike Media Days we found this KTM Ebike with a bran new upside down fork, born from a partnership between Magura and WP Suspension. WP and KTM Moto have the same ownership, so there is no big surprise seeing this fork on a KTM mountain bike first.




Available with 3 different travels: 120, 150 and 160mm (the 160mm fork is not Plus compatible).
20mm thru axle with hexagonal head to improve lateral stiffness.


Weight: 2.2 kg for all models.
Air damping.


Prices to be defined.

F75R8330 F75R8327 F75R8326 F75R8324 F75R8322 F75R8332


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