Mondraker launches the Grommy

[Press Release] – 16 July 2020 – Alicante, Spain: Mondraker, the independent, specialist mountain bike brand from Spain, today announces the launch of Grommy: the first e-balance bike crafted from pure MTB DNA.


Balance bikes are used to help kids develop their essential riding skills and confidence from an early age, mastering the basics of handling and getting involved in the fun without the complicated distraction of pedalling. They’re an important stepping stone onto owning a ‘real’ bike. The new Mondraker Grommy elevates the balance bike category to a whole new level, with its innovative and expertly delivered electric motor power and advanced frame and components, creating the first true e-balance bike – available in two sizes. Whether it’s the 12-inch or 16-inch model, by building an easy-to-control 250W power unit into Grommy’s highly advanced balance bike frame, Mondraker has enabled youngsters’ skills, confidence and fun to be quickly accelerated!

Grommy has been developed using the same cutting-edge design, components and technology as Mondraker’s renowned range of mountain bikes and e-MTBs. Born from an enviable heritage in top level mountain bike racing, Mondraker bikes have earned the brand a reputation for creating game-changing performance products with innovative technology, advanced engineering, radical geometry and impeccable handling characteristics. Lining up alongside bikes such as the Foxy, Crafty, Summum and Podium, Grommy is the latest addition to the Mondraker family – and it’s plain to see how the characteristics flow through the bloodline!


What’s Grommy made of? 
Grommy features the same high standards that the bike industry and our customer base expect from a ‘full size’ Mondraker bike – after all, our kids are the most valuable things, right?! (Okay, maybe second after the Superfoxy…)

Like all Mondraker alloy bikes Grommy is designed at its state-of-the-art facilities in Alicante, Spain. Grommy’s two model sizes (Grommy-12”, for ages 3-5 years and Grommy-16”, for 5-8 years) each have individually designed frame and fork geometry to ensure that they handle superbly on pavement and dirt, thanks to Mondraker’s expertise developed through the pioneering designs including Forward Geometry.

Frame and forks are made using Mondraker’s lightweight (7.5kg/8.5kg), strong and durable 6061 Alloy technology, as featured on many of Grommy’s ‘big sisters’, with internal routing for the 140mm Tektro rear disc brake, and the cables for the throttle-style power mode selector on the right-hand side twistgrip. So choosing a speed is easy and the fun flows from there!

Mondraker’s completely integrated approach with e-bikes – including the highly-acclaimed sub-20kg Carbon Crafty RR SL – informs the design and positioning of the lightweight motor, drivetrain and battery shared across both size Grommy models. Developing the perfect power level for youngsters learning from Mondraker’s own slim, brushless (max 250W output) motor design, and with a low, centrally-mounted position, it’s an integral element of Grommy’s handling package. 

The easily interchangeable Mondraker-made battery units deliver a run time of up to 60 minutes with a full charge taking just 60 minutes, so a simple swap-over keeps the Grommy going as long as the kids can. Mastering the three-speed controls is child’s play. The learning starts on the first setting, ‘Balance’ (max speed 8.1km/h) and the grins get broader on 2 and 3: ‘Fun’ (max 12.1km/h) and ‘Advanced’ (max 17.7km/h). Or turn off Grommy’s motor and kids can use it like a traditional balance bike. The motor and battery are IPX4-rated water-resistant and there’s a custom plastic protector for the motor and drivetrain to keep little feet safe.

Grommy uses many ‘standard’ bike components including saddles, seatpost, handlebar and stem, disc brake… giving ‘big bike’ feel, and many opportunities for easy customisability and extra longevity by switching out bigger MTB finishing kit as the young rider grows.

Mondraker founder Miguel Pina said: “Since our inception we’ve strived to make bikes differently, but bringing Grommy to life has been a completely new experience for the Mondraker family, and that’s part of why it’s super exciting to introduce today.

“The inspiration for the name of this e-balance bike came from a term used to describe young riders: ‘Groms.’ We’ve tried to invoke that sense of fun and freedom for younger kids in its creation – something that has never felt more important than during this difficult year.

“It’s not just the bike that will allow your kids to learn how to ride – Grommy is the bike you wished you had when you were young!”

Grommy will be available to buy from regular Mondraker dealers starting from an estimated retail price of 749€ and comes with a 2-year warranty. To find out more about the Grommy, visit

Quick specifications
Grommy-12” – 190mm frame, 12-inch wheels, weighs just 7.5kg, with saddle height range 37-47cm, for riders aged 3-5 years
Grommy-16” – 250mm frame, 16-inch wheels, weighs just 8.5kg, with saddle height range 43-58cm, for riders aged 5-8 years

Both models feature:

  • Superlight Mondraker Alloy Frame & Fork
  • Three power modes: ‘Balance’ (max speed 8.1km/h), ‘Fun’ (12.1km/h) and ‘Advanced’ (17.7km/h)
  • Quick-change 4Ah battery: 60 minutes run time, 60 minutes full charge time
  • Integrated base footrest
  • ‘Big bike feel’ MTB standard componentry and compatibility
  • Internal cable routing
  • Mechanical disc brake
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