New Bluegrass Seamless D3O Back Protection

Bluegrass Eagle today presents a new model of a well-executed back protector that concentrates high-level technologies, materials and solutions aimed at maximizing comfort without neglecting safety. This new model is available in two versions, the Seamless B&S D3O and the Seamless Lite D3O.


Both models focus on comfort thanks to the technologically advanced fabric composed of 90% Dryarn microfiber, which is breathable, thermoregulating and quick to dry, for a very light sensation on the skin and beyond, given that the fiber is on average 30% lighter than fibers normally used for these products.

Added to this is the seamless construction, which eliminates any potentially annoying hot spots for the rider. The jerseys are entirely made in Italy.

Differentiated zones optimize the breathability and the fit is unisex, able to adapt to every body shape, both male and female.

Bluegrass has opted for a rather long fit in order to give stability to the back protector thanks to the support provided by the hips.

Both back protectors use the most advanced product from the D3O brand, a leader in viscoelastic material protections, which is the new D3O-BP4 shell, even more flexible and better ventilated than the previous version.

While the Lite version offers protection exclusively on the back, the B&S version, whose letters indicate Back and Shoulder, additionally guarantees protection to the shoulders, again thanks to D3O shells.

All shells are easily removable to safely wash the shirt.

The rear area also houses two practical pockets.

  • Materials: 80% Polypropylene, 10% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
  • Back protection: D3O BP4 L1
  • Shoulder protection: D3O T5 EVO X L1
  • Certification: EN 1621-2: 2014, Level 1
  • Sizes: S / M – L / XL
  • Seamless B&S weight: 580g
  • Seamless Lite weight: 360g
  • Seamless B&S price: 250 €
  • Seamless Lite price: 190 €
  • Immediate availability

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