New Manitou Mastadon Fork / SunRinglè Duroc Plus Wheels


Manitou and Sun Ringle

Manitou Mastodon


The MASTODON is All-Mountain technology upgraded for extreme temperatures and a large format chassis. Mastodon accommodates the widest fat tires available, comfortably accepting 26″ x 5.15″ (Mastodon EXT) or 27.5″ x 4.5″. At the same time, Mastodon offers the largest range of travel for the fat tire market with 80mm to 140mm of travel. 34mm stanchions provide stability, precision, and consistent rebound and compression under braking and cornering.

• All-weather performanceborn ofextensive cold temperature testing(-15°C/0°F and colder)
• 34mm stanchion provide classleading stiffness
• Travel up to 150mm
• Tire Clearance – up to26 x 5.15in and 27.5 x 4.5in
• Fits all 26 and 27.5in tires  currentlyavailable including  Vee RubberSnowshoe XXL
• Pro and Comp levels available
Up to 150mm of travel
Two ride height configurations
Standard- Direct replacement for competition
• EXT- Extended ride height to accommodate the largest tires available (26inx5in, 27.5inx4.5in, etc.)

There are two versions, Pro and Comp. The Pro has Dorado Air spring and compression adjustments at low speeds and rebound. The Comp has elastic ISO Air element and external rebound adjustment.

The volume of the positive chamber can be changed with spacers (IVA, Incremental Volume Adjust) Optionally, there is an upgrade called Infinite Rate Tune, which allows you to adjust the compression curve separately from bottom out (near the bottom).

Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) allows the rider to control mid-stroke rate independent from bottom-out.


SunRinglè Düroc Plus Wheels

SunRinglè has a pair of 30 and 35mm outer width wheels, which are added to the existing Düroc 40 and 50. The goal is to use wider rims even in XC / Trail disciplines.

The rims are tubeless, aluminum and in sizes 27.5 “and 29”. SunRinglè claims these are some of the lighter aluminum wheels on the market, for the Plus standard anyway. The weights per pair are as follows:
Düroc 30, 27.5″: 1790g
Düroc 30, 29″: 1840g
Düroc 35, 27.5″: 1900g
Düroc 35, 29″: 1940g

The hubs are straight pull, available with standard and Boost spacing: 100mm and 110mm in front; 135mm, 142mm, 148mm behind.


Front Wheel:  €243.99
Rear Wheel: € 365.99

SunRinglè, At this time the site is not yet up to date with the 30 and 35mm rims.

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