The New Niner Bikes / PUSH Industries RIP 9 RDO


Niner Bikes just announced a Colorado collaborative effort with Push Industries. Starting in May, the new RIP 9 RDO will be available with the updated Push ElevenSix shock. Prices start at a $7200, which although that isn’t cheap, it isn’t bad considering the retail price of the ElevenSix.


**Springs are tuned for rider weight and can/should be swapped out depending on rider weight. (Rider weight should be measured with whatever gear the rider wears on the bike. (Helmet, backpack, shoes, clothing, etc.) There is NO COST to swap out the spring as long as the bike has not been ridden. The bike MUST not be ridden with the wrong spring or cost of the swapped spring will be passed to the rider.

Available on all 4-Star and 5-Star builds and framesets, all colors.

The ELEVENSIX is tuned to take advantage of the RIP 9 RDO’s suspension design so that the bike is 80-85% dialed in before a rider ever hops onto it.

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