New OneUp Components 45T Sprocket

Press Release :

OneUp your Shimano 11 speed drivetrain with the new 45T sprocket for XT/XTR (M8000/M9000) Cassettes.


Get a perfect shifting, truly wide range, Shimano 1×11 setup, with the OneUp 45T expander sprocket and narrow wide chainring.

The 45T upgrade increases the stock Shimano 11 speed 11-40 cassette range by 12.5%. The 45T provides more total cassette range, it’s not just an easier granny gear. Adding the OneUp 45T sprocket lets you increase your 1×11 front chainring from a 30 to 34T without losing any low range. Eliminate dropped chains forever with our true Narrow Wide chainring design.

Cassette Zones
The OneUp 45T tunes the cassette progression into two distinct zones optimized for climbing and descending.

(21-45T) 13-15% cassette progression. Smaller jumps to maintain an optimum even climbing cadence.

Descending (11-18T) 15-20% cassette progression. Larger jumps to reduce double tap shifting and provide faster burst acceleration when mainly pumping not spinning down trails.

2×11 Conversion
Shimano XT/XTR equipped bikes are spec’d with 11-40 cassettes. This is because Shimano 11 speed mtb rear derailleurs do not have the capacity needed to run 2×11 with an extended 11-42, (or 11-45) cassette.

As easy as the original OneUp 42T. Remove stock 17 and 19 sprockets and replace with our 18 and 45. Due to the large pulley wheel offset of the latest 11 speed Shimano rear derailleurs, B-Screw adjustment is well within the normal operating range and chain wrap is excellent throughout the cassette for flawless wide range shifting. The conversion keeps the 40T as the smallest aluminum sprocket for maximum cassette durability.

Price: $90 USD
Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum (45T), Nickel plated hardened steel (18T)
Weight: 65g more than stock 11-40 cassette
Compatibility: For XT/XTR M8000/M9000 11-40T cassettes. 11 speed only. Standard freehub body.
Cassette progression: 11-13-15-18-21-24-27-31-35-40-45
Increased Range: 12.5%
Colour: Matched to XTR
US Patent 9,011,28

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