New Syncros iS Bottle Cage with Multitool Integration

Syncros just introduced the newest version of their Integrated Storage system that includes a multitool and other accessories in a simple full-size bottle cage.

Syncros iS Bottle Cage


The Syncros iS bottle cage is available in three variants, the iS Cache Cage, a lightweight version dedicated to XC and gravel, the iS Trailor Cage dedicated to trail and the iS Coupe Cage dedicated to the road world. Let’s find out the details of the first two.

Syncros iS Bottle Cage

The iS Cache Cage version uses a lightweight side-pull bottle cage that can be mounted with either left or right pull. Simply mount the side panel on the opposite side to the one you want to use and the bottle cage is ready. By moving the side panel, it will be possible to change the configuration again in the future. Inside it mounts a lightweight multitool, with 8 components, and it is possible to combine it with a support for a mini-pump or a CO2 canister.

The iS Trailor Cage version, on the other hand, uses a standard-shaped bottle cage, therefore with a front entry, which, by rotating 45°, can be mounted on each side to transform into a side-extraction bottle cage. The multitool included in this model has 19 featuers. Also the iS Trailor Cage can be combined with a support for a mini-pump or a CO2 canister.



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