Öhlins Presents the new RXF 36 “EVO”


During the press presentation of the new RXF 36 Trail fork and the new TTX Air shock, Öhlins also presented a revamped, updated version of the RXF 36 which takes on the EVO name. The new RXF 36 EVO includes all the upgrades possible on the previous RXF 36. The updated bits can also be purchased separately for current RXF 36 owners who want to improve one or more aspects of their fork, taking advantage of the new technologies in the new RXF 36 Trail.


As for the RXF 36 Trail, the bushings in the lower leg assembly have been updated, optimized according to the demands of Öhlins DH and enduro athletes. New SKF seals and the a new grease improve the smoothness of the fork’s action in muddy conditions.

The hydraulic cartridge of the RXF 36 EVO remains a twin tube (TTX) with a 22mm piston, but the piston has been changed from a closed band to an open band version. Additionally, the pressure of the cartridge has been modified to provide more consistent behavior in the final part of the travel.

The air cartridge has also been updated with a larger negative air chamber, which results in greater initial sensitivity and at the same time greater support in middle of the stroke. The Coil version adopts new springs that have been lightened by 10% compared to the previous ones.

The price of the RXF 36 EVO for the  is € 1,135.00, so it remains unchanged compared to the previous version. 


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