OneUp Launch Complete Flat Pedal Lineup

OneUp components gave us a soft preview of their new pedal lineup at Sea Otter a couple of months ago, but not that they’ve finally becoming available they’ve sent over a full press release with all of the details, specs and prices. Oh, there’s also a rad video from Scott Secco…

[Press Release]


Bikes are getting lower, so pedals need to get thinner. Our ultra-thin design – only 8mm at the leading edge – gives you maximum clearance on the most technical trails. With 10 replaceable steel pins per side your feet will stay planted through the roughest sections and with a weight of just 355g, OneUp Aluminum Pedals won’t slow you down on the climbs.

OneUp Components Flat Pedals from OneUp Components on Vimeo.

Where reliability is concerned, there’s no room for compromise. That’s why we chose double-sealed, full-cartridge bearings and no bushings for ultimate durability. When it is time to service your bearings, the unique cassette tool lock ring system makes re-greasing the bearings a breeze. 


Thickness: 12mm (8mm at the leading edge)

Platform Size: 115x105mm

Weight: 355g 

Price: $125

Pins: 10 Hexagonal steel pins per side (less surface area than a round pin = more grip)

Colours: Black, Green, Grey
Body Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Axle Material: Chromoly steel


OneUp Composite Pedal – $48 USD 115mm x 105mm x 18mm

The same platform size, weight and replaceable pins as the Aluminum Pedal, but at less than half the price. What’s not to like?


Cartridge bearing and DU bushing internals


Thickness: 18mm (13 at the leading edge)

Platform Size: 115x105mm

Weight: 355g 

Pins: 10 replaceable steel pins per side
Colour: Black
Body Material: Nylon Composite

Axle Material:  Chromoly steel


Both OneUp pedals have a very subtle convex profile. We feel that the convex shape gives you more grip and support as it allows the pedal to sit in the natural arch of your midfoot – where most flat pedal riders tend to place their feet. The convex profile also creates the thinnest leading edge and the best clearance for a given axle design.


Rebuild kits will be available for both models, to ensure full servicing for years to come.


Replacement pins and pin height adjustment kits coming soon. 



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