OneUp’s New EDC Lite – No Special Tools or Tapping

OneUp components just released a lower profile and less invasive follow up to their popular standard EDC multi tool. The new EDC Lite finds its way into your headtube without needing to tap the steerer or use a special stem. A sample is on its way for testing at the moment – read on for the full scoop in the press release below.

[Press Release] – EDC Lite is a 9 function Multi-Tool which contains your most used tools and is designed to live inside your stem/steerer tube.


Never get stuck without a Multi-Tool on a ride ever again.

MSRP $40, €40, £35, $53 CAD

9 Functions:

  2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
   T25 Torx
   Flat Head Screwdriver

EDC Lite is easy to install in 5 mins without removing your star nut or threading your steerer tube. Your headset is still preloaded using your star nut in the traditional way.

EDC Lite adds just 75g to your bike weight and is perfect for carrying a tool on almost any bike with a star nut. See compatibility page for full details.

No need to remove your star nut or thread your steerer tube.

Light weight (Adds just 75g to your bike)

Available in 7 colours (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Turq)

Colour matched to OneUp Composite Pedals, Grips and Handlebar Decals.

Run a single Multi Tool on all your bikes (extra carriers are $15 USD each)

The EDC Lite Kit includes the 9-function multi- tool and everything you need to install and store it in your stem/steerer tube.


To install EDC Lite, you set your star nut 70mm deeper into your steerer tube using the provided setter bolt.

Then replace your top cap with the EDC Lite Carrier, which is essentially a deep dished top cap with room for your tool.

Full instructions are here.

Available now at

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