Orbea’s New Rise Lightweight eMTB

[Press Release] – Riding on trails with the electric momentum of an ebike is exciting, but as ebikes get more powerful, something important is lost. The ​smooth, natural experience o​f riding a mechanical MTB goes away.

If the goal is to climb more, descend more and have more fun, then there’s no need to sacrifice simplicity, responsiveness, excellent handling or weight.


The Rise was born with a ​new eMTB philosophy​: to bring fluid autonomy to an ebike, where power, distance, interface and weight are addressed as a single, cohesive system. This is the Rider Synergy (RS) concept.


Rise is a machine designed to ​expand your trail experience ​and bring you closer to the moment.

Minimal, advanced and simple. With our commitment to the Rise’s four pillars of design – ​power, range of autonomy, interface and weigh​t – you won’t find any distractions that prevent you from connecting deeper with the trails you ride.


The idea of creating our own power plant for Rise was daunting, but we believed that this would be the only way to realize our goal of a complete RS system for trail bikes.

We had been looking for the best way to achieve this for a long time, so when Shimano shared the plans for their new EP8 motor, we quickly realized that this awesome drive unit offered us the perfect platform on which to build the RS Power concept.

Working jointly with Shimano, Orbea developed our proprietary electronics and batteries while Shimano configured their EP8 motor to work perfectly running our specific RS firmware.

The ​maximum torque ​of the EP8 RS motor is 60Nm, with a power map designed to match your pedaling and cadence in a subtle, natural yet energetic way. The motor delivers maximum power when you are pedaling the strongest: the harder you pedal, the more power it will deliver.

The instant power transmission is quiet and unnoticeable, yet it’s ​sensitive and ultra responsive ​to your output, encouraging you to keep pedaling.

To accommodate riders’ different needs, Rise is configured with two RS Stem profiles, Profile 1 and Profile 2, which can be adjusted in a few seconds with the Shimano E-tube app.


Rise is intended for big rides. It features a modular battery solution that ​provides up to 612wh​, combining a very light and compact 360wh main battery integrated in the down tube with a patent-pending 252Wh range extender.

The RS concept provides a great day on the trails because the lighter bike, lower power consumption and of course, the pedal-friendly weight and assistance extends battery life by a factor of over 1.5x. This means the 360Wh RS Battery of Rise delivers ride times and ranges similar to a 540Wh battery in a typical eBike.

The 2.2Kg ​main battery ​might be one of the lightest and slimmest examples out there. Housed in a strong and reliable alloy case, this energy bank is based on the newest 21700 cell that provides a higher rate of charge/discharge and ultimately much better battery life and heat management.

Our RS ​Range Extender ​gives you an additional 252Wh (70%) of exploration. Adding the RS Range Extender gives ride times comparable to a 900Wh battery on a regular ebike. That’s 8 hours and over 4,000m of climbing in Eco mode.


The elegance of simplicity is undeniable. Many riders spend hours removing excess weight, noise and visual distractions from their bikes. We have embraced data collection with cycling computers and smartphones but often stop short of attaching large displays on our handlebars or top tubes.

With a traditional ebike, displays, sensors, extra wires and large glowing buttons are standard and unavoidable. For us, the option of a ​traditional, uncluttered machine is a critical ​aspect of the RS philosophy.

The RS Interface is sleek, but doesn’t lack expandability. The simplest configuration consists of a discreet rocker switch near the left brake ​lever to control assistance level and a small, inline junction box with two tiny LEDs that provides support mode info and smartly broadcasts wireless data.

The bike’s ​power button ​is located at the bottom of the seat tube, with all wiring guided internally. The ​charge point ​is located on the side of the seat tube. A sealed cap protects it from mud and water and includes a secure closure that also locks the Range Extender cable once it’s connected.

Additionally, we integrated the Garmin world into the RS ecosystem, giving you all the info you need on your Garmin, watch or cycling computer.


The RS system, motor, battery and electronics are significantly lighter than other ebikes – a result of the RS system’s unique power delivery. The new bike tops in at ​16.2 kg on the M LTD ​and ​17.5 kg on the M Team.

Manuals, quick direction changes and playful handling characteristics are not normally associated with eBikes, but the sporty Rise takes a big chunk out of that “conventional wisdom” and the result feels quite a bit like your favorite trail rig.

Rise was given the same ultralight frame construction as Occam and Rallon, making it ​one of the lightest eMTB frames in the market ​with 2.3 kg of OMR carbon.


And Orbea’s exclusive ​MyO program​, which is available with Rise, opens up millions of color and component combinations so you can create the ultimate, one-of-a-kind bike of your dreams.


Find the full Rise Specs & Prices here.


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