PNW Components Launches New Refurbish and Recycle Program

SEATTLE, Wash., May 11, 2020 – PNW Components announced today the launch of the new
PNW Cycled program that will allow riders the option to purchase previously used or blemished posts that have been newly refurbished. It will also allow riders to exchange their older PNW dropper posts for credit towards a new or used dropper post.


The PNW Cycled program was developed as a service initiative to better serve PNW riders and to address the end of life process for dropper posts. The program helps to extend the life of dropper posts while also reducing potential waste.

“A blemished product is not a dead product, and more importantly, it certainly isn’t trash.” Said Emily Kerson, Co-Founder of PNW Components. “As we delve into our 2020 sustainability goals, we wanted to create a way to safely reuse, recycle, and give blemished products a second chance.”

The PNW Cycled program is the bike industry’s first brand led program dedicated towards the refurbishing and reselling of dropper posts. All posts will be certified for safe use by PNW
Cycled dedicated staff mechanics, and will be covered under a one-year warranty.
Availability of products on the dedicated PNW Cycled website will fluctuate based on inventory of returned, blemished, and / or refurbished products.

Learn more about PNW Cycled at

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