PSIcle Sensor – NFC Measures Tire Pressure Via Phone

[Press Release] – Minneapolis, May 25 – Any serious cyclist rider knows how critical tire pressure is for a good ride. But how often do you bring a tire pressure gauge with you on a ride?  Rover Development has developed the PSIcle sensor to allow you to read your tire pressure just by using your smart phone.  The PSIcle sensor is a patent-pending lightweight NFC-based pressure sensor that measures your tire pressure with extreme accuracy.  Best of all, unlike some other sensors, it has no battery to charge or replace, which also eliminates extra weight.  The PSIcle sensor threads into your existing Presta valve so you can use it with tubeless tires or with any tube with a removable core.  It is also fully reusable when you buy a new tubeless tire or tube. 


The PSIcle sensor is simple to install.  Just remove the valve core of your existing Presta valve, thread the PSIcle sensor into the valve in place of the core, and thread the valve core back into the top of the sensor.  

To read the sensor, just hold your iOS or Android smartphone within about one inch of the sensor.  The NFC reader inside the phone automatically powers and wakes the sensor.  Then the free PSIcle app detects the sensor and automatically launches, providing an instant and incredibly accurate pressure measurement. Pressure readings are updated even as you inflate the tire.

There are two models of the PSIcle sensor.  A low pressure sensor for mountain or fat tire bikers that measures 0-40 psi and a high pressure sensor for road bikers that measures 0-400 psi.  The PSIcle sensor provides is extremely accurate.  The high pressure sensor is accurate to within +/- 0.7 psi, and the low pressure sensor is accurate to within +/- 0.06 psi!

Rover Development is comprised of three engineers with over 60 years of cumulative product development experience who have experience in working in organizations from startup to large corporations.  Collectively, they have brought over a dozen previous products from concept to production.  They will leverage their prior experience to bring the PSIcle sensor into production.

The PSIcle sensor Kickstarter campaign launches on May 25th, with an early bird price of $52 for 2 sensors delivered in September, 2021, and a regular price of $56 for 2 sensors delivered in November, 2021.  Sensors will be sold direct through Rover Development’s website after a successful campaign.  View the Kickstarter at, and Rover Development at

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