[Racing] EWS Valberg Finals


[ad3] Valberg wrapped up today with unique landscapes & unique results.  COP_1847  In the morning the weather was nice and kept at bay all day, here are the mountains bathing in rays of light.  COP_1857  The climb up to the 5th stage was a mix of road and dirt. COP_1874Anka Martin keeping it pinned.  COP_2095 Isabeau Courdurier exiting the trees with speed. COP_1888 Jared Graves looking good but not finding the results he really wants. COP_1970Francois Bailly-Maitre. COP_1932Mark Scott.COP_1956Martin Maes is a savage.  He won the first stage by 4 seconds.  Bright future for this one…DSC_7728Sam Hill winning.  On flat pedals.  Unbelievable.  COP_2003Richie Rude only managed to win one stage, but he is still THE force to be reckoned with in Enduro.  COP_2247COP_2021TREES... COP_2065Matti Lehikoinen COP_2222Nico Lau looked good but dropped back from 5th to 9th place today.  COP_2246Richie Rude struggling for once.  He scratched his way to 7th.DSC_7744Florian Nicolai always on it.COP_2232Jerome Clementz getting back up there and just outside of the top 10.DSC_7735Josh Carlson diving through the trees.COP_21529.22 separating Sam Hill and Nicolas Vouilloz.  2017 is looking exciting with legends of DH shaking things up.COP_2115Nicolas Vouilloz second place and older than basically all of the field.   COP_2300The mechanics are dealing with heavy requests this week… COP_2406Yoann Barelli.  Absolute shredder but just can’t quite dominate a stage.  Even on home turf.COP_2373Cecile Ravanal just owned everyone out there.DSC_7748Damien Oton went from an amazing first day to a tough couple of days following. COP_2395  The fourth stage was brutal.  You can see it in Rene Wildhaber’s face.DSC_7751Jesse Melamed and Sebastien Calquen – neck and neck in Men’s Under 21. COP_2491Sam Hill wrecked shop at this race.  Period.  DSC_7875Fabien Barel congratulates Sam on his incredible race.  DSC_7767Podium for men’s under 21: Sebastien Claquin, Adrien Dailly and Elliot Trabac. DSC_7776 DSC_7798 Ladies Podium: Isabeau Courdurier, Cecile Ravanel and Ines Thoma. DSC_7844 DSC_7837 Elite men’s podium : Nicolas Vouilloz, Sam Hill and Jesse Relamed.

Results [pdf-embedder url=”http://www.mtb-mag.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/EWS-Portes-du-Mercantour-Driven-by-Urge-SP1-2-3-cat1.pdf”]

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