[Racing] Val di Sole RAW Video & Timed Training Results

The world cup DH circus returns to Val di Sole for what has always been one of the most brutal races on the circuit, known for being the most demanding in both a technical and an athletic level. Today we have a handful of riders who took place in timed training at paceon the ruthless rocks and roots of the track in Trentino.


The fastest of these was Danny Hart, with a time of 3: 46.894, followed by the winner of the last couple of races, Amaury Pierron, and by a new French outsider, Benoit Coulanges. Fourth place for Finn Iles while in fifth place is Connor Fearon.

In the women’s field, the European Champion Monika Hrastnik marked the fastest time, probably the only one in the category to have run the entire run at the pace she might also race at. Following was Veronika Widmann in second position while the third position is Mariana Salazar. Rachel Atherton is the only one of the top riders to participate in timed training, finishing in fourth place, albeit with a decidedly fast time that highlights how the British preferred to study the track instead of scoring a good time that would still be fundamentally useless in terms of points.

Frenchman Matteo Inguez had the fastest time in Juniors, ahead of the  Kye A’Hern and the German Simon Maurer.

Three Junior Women cruised the timed training…Nastasia Gimenez preceded Paula Zibasa. Tomorrow the qualifying heats will determine which athletes will race in the finals on Saturday.

Timed Training Val di Sole – Elite Men
Timed Training Val di Sole – Elite Women
Timed Training Val di Sole – Junior Men
Timed Training Val di Sole – Junior Women

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