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With a rain, wind, a massive arena to navigate and sculpt, this year was without a doubt, the most challenging Rampage ever. Many riders and their dig crews found themselves dealing with last minute sculpts and sends right up until the windy morning of finals. Here’s what we saw…


Good morning Rampage! Not a bad view on the AM commute.

Speaking of…Vinny T during his AM commute…

Brett Rheeder takes a look at the drop that he would flip in finals as the crowd built. He had a huge crash just before this…

Szymon Godziek went first and sent a MASSIVE step down at the top.

Brendog’s run was a heater. It had a great deal of fast, rough, un-groomed sections. Old school, proper Rampage style.

He also found room for a super unique feature on this rock.

And of course a canyon gap…

Vinny T had some issues in his first run with a crash…But he rallied for run #2.

Aggy didn’t go full Aggy this year…And that’s alright – he’s struggled with a lot of injuries. It was good to see him just having fun.

He built this rad double lilly pad feature and aced it every time.

Semenuk had a rad feature up top and a super creative line per usual.

Unfortunately he crashed twice on a 720 on a jump that was built last minute. Came up short on run one and went WAY deep on run two.

Yeah – wind was still an issue…

But not for Adolf Silva. He stomped his second run like a champ.

Andreu Lacondeguy landed in second with a run packed with back to back tricks and big, burly lines like this double drop.

Huge 3 with an unfortunate crash on the big lower drop for Carson Storch. Over rotations were a common sight.

Brett Rheeder on his upper drop.

Rheeder with a huge corked flat drop flip…A trick that definitely helped him get the win.

It sounded like Kurt Sorge had plans for the lower drop, but unfortunately he crashed in practice, and thought better of it. He’d inevitably straight air the drop.

Young buck Ethan Nell landed on the podium again. He went huge, did bit tricks, and was rewarded accordingly.

Kyle Strait’s bar wasn’t straight on this huge suicide no hander.

It stayed straight on the second run and he leaned in a bit more.

While Kyle’s sui looked sick, no one went nearly as big as Tom Van Steenbergen. He flipped one of the biggest drops on the hill.

Reed Boggs sailing into a freeway wide landing.

Tommy G with the pencil steeze.

Jordie Lunn got food poisoning a few days ago and wasn’t feeling well. He was smart and avoided some heinous features, taking it easy during his run. He still rolled into some big boy stuff though.

Don’t mess with Dale Womack. This man is the boss of the hill.

T-Mac’s first run didn’t go well…

He got redemption and greased this MASSIVE drop on his second run.

Speaking of McCauls. Cam kept busy on the commentating.

Tommy G, blasting down his double drop.

It all came down to Brett and Andreu. In the end, Lacondeguy opted for a second run to try and better his score. He’d crash at the bottom after a wild one.

Rheeder – Victory lap.

McGazza award for Brendog!

Best trick for Tom VanSteenbergen…It wasn’t even up for debate.

Champagne showers for the top 3.

Winning bike.

See you next year, Rampage!

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