Red Bull Formation Returns for 2021

(Virgin, UT – April 7, 2021)  –  The much-anticipated return of Red Bull Formation is here, May 24th – June 1st in Southern Utah, one of the most iconic locations for the freeride mountain biking movement. The inaugural 2019 event was a transformative moment for women’s freeriding, marking a tangible shift in the scene. The past 18-months have seen an acceleration of progression in the women’s field, with new talent, an abundance of tricks, and added opportunities to pursue freeriding as a career within mountain biking as a result. 


After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the 2021 event will welcome 8 of the top athletes back to the camp alongside a selection of industry mentors and peers that will help guide and coach the athletes throughout the week. Together they will work to create top-to-bottom lines that will illustrate their skill, style, and power on the terrain. 

Red Bull Formation is a women’s big-mountain progression session. The event’s goals include progressing and developing the women’s freeride field, shining a spotlight on the athletes through media and storytelling, and ultimately creating a future path for women in freeride mountain biking.

To read about the inaugural 2019 Red Bull Formation, please go here.


  1. Casey Brown (CAN)
  2. Vaea Verbeeck (CAN)
  3. Vinny Armstrong (NZ)
  4. Jess Blewitt (NZ)
  5. Sam Soriano (USA)
  6. Chelsea Kimball (USA)
  7. Hannah Bergemann (USA)
  8. Vero Sandler (UK)
  9. 1st Alternate: Camila Nogueira (ARG)
  10. 2nd Alternate: Alma Wiggberg (SWE)

  • “The first year of Red Bull Formation was a huge step in the progression of women’s freeriding. It proved that there is space for women in that realm, and that people want to see and are inspired by the content. The significance of having Formation for pushing women’s freeriding is that it provides a platform for women to collaborate which accelerates the sport’s progression” –  Hannah Bergemann 


  • “Strength in numbers means visibility” – Casey Brown

  • “It highlighted that everything girls have been dreaming of for ages is possible” – Vero Sandler 


  • “It’s a taste of seeing what is possible. There are a lot of talented girls we have no idea about that are chomping at the bit, now they will push themselves, having Red Bull Formation as a target” – Vaea Verbeeck

  • “Formation made me hungry and motivated because there is a space” – Vinny Armstrong 


  • “My broad goals for Formation are to use the event as an opportunity to collaborate with other women to progress the sport, produce more media of women’s freeride mountain biking, and ultimately inspire the next-gen to keep taking it further.” – Hannah Bergemann

  • “I’m so excited and honored to be invited to Formation. Being in the desert with some of the raddest women, many of them I have looked up to for years, building and riding our own lines is something that I’ve looked forward to since I switched to freeride. Formation has become the pinnacle of progressing women’s freeride, finally giving the proper attention that women’s freeride has lacked for so many years. I hope that impact that Formation has will continue to inspire other girls who have aspirations in freeride, progressing the sport further and further.” – Sam Soriano 
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