Revo Terra: Lubing Your Chain While Riding

The latest interesting invention found in the Mountain Bike world comes from the Scottish company Flaér. This is an electronic system that allows the chain to be constantly lubricated thanks to a diffuser that drops microdoses of a special lubricant directly onto the chain.


The system is aimed at coping with water and weather –  no surprise it’s from Scotland – lube is applied directly to the derailleur pulley, where it releases the Terra Fluid lubricant, produced by Flaér specifically for this system and suitable for both good and bad conditions.

The “heart” of the system, which acts as a reservoir, battery, and electronic control unit, is positioned on the downtube or other appropriate areas of ​​the frame thanks to special fitment straps in the package. From here you can manage the fluid delivery frequency, ensuring a constant lubrication without excess, allowing the chain to always work in optimum conditions, lubricated and clean. There are 5 Dispensing presets: Every 30, 60, 90, 120 or 150 seconds, Revo Terra delivers 0.03ml of fluid.

The minimum battery life is 150 hours of use with the 30-second preset which is the shortest duration/highest energy consumption. The Revo Terra obviously only works while the chain is moving thanks to an accelerometer that recognizes when it is necessary to apply fluid.

The claimed weight of the whole system, with a dry tank, is 137 grams.

The price is 250 pounds. At the moment no price has been announced in Euros or Dollars.


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