Rocky Mountain Sherpa 27.5+





Rocky Mountain was among the first to announce what will likely be a slew of 27.5+ bikes this week. Their bike is a bit different though. Labeled an “Overland” bike, it’s takes aim at the adventure bike market.



With 120mm of front travel and 95mm of rear travel, the bike is meant to be loaded and treated like a pack mule. However, Rocky designed the bike to still be fun to ride when you get to the destination. Rocky explained that the suspension was custom built from the ground up by Manitou. For instance, a 150lb rider would have his/her rear shock running around 30 PSI. This is because if the bike were spec’d with a typical shock that runs in the 200 psi range, and a 250lb rider with 40 pounds of gear were to ride it, there would be a problem. Both front and rear use higher volume and lower pressures. It does not use Boost 148.

Weight: 29.5 pounds
Price: 4.499 Us$


The Himalayan snow lion theme runs though out the entire bike.






Custom Saddle, fork, shock, rims…everything. The paint scheme runs deep.









The bike doesn’t come with packs, but this displays just how well the bike can take on gear.



Full Geo.



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