Scott 2022 Lineup of Kid’s Bikes

[Press Release] – At SCOTT we have a wide range of bikes in our three children’s collections: Future Pro, Big Kids and Little Kids. Our Future Pro range is for young riders of all ages who want to tackle trail, gravel or pump track in search of the latest and greatest bike technology. Our Big Kids range with 20″ to 26″ wheels comes with several frame options for cyclists looking for a bike that is sure to be the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood.


Our Little Kids 12″ to 16″ collection is perfect for young riders who are learning to move on two wheels. All of our kids bikes have unique custom design, development and components to make sure their SCOTT bike fits best while providing a strong and stable stance. A better position means more control and safety so that children can drive safely and mum and dad with complete peace of mind.

Our approach to Bike Design for children


Our frames are built with a smaller geometry than the wheel size, giving you the benefit of a larger wheel without compromising anything. Much like the 29-er effect, kids will benefit from a smoother ride.

Safety & Durability

In collaboration with Syncros, we have developed customized solutions for our children’s bikes, including a one-piece handlebar with chin guard, grips that protect against wear and saddles with handles under the seat that make it easier to push.

Best Fit

Handlebars with a smaller diameter, narrower pedals and shorter cranks are just some of the carefully chosen components you will find on our bikes. All of this will help babies fit better and provide more stability in motion.


Many of the Future Pro and Kids bikes include mounts that make it easy to add fenders, kickstands and wheels.


Our unique graphics and colors are constantly evolving. Our Future Pro bikes follow the style of our ‘adult’ bikes, while our Big and Little Kids bikes range in cool and classic designs depending on size.

Future Pro Bikes

Our Future Pro bikes are created with one goal: to help young riders believe in dreams. The bikes in our Future Pro collection are made taking into account developments in the engineering of children’s bicycles. Gift equipped with light alloy frames and the best components to suit the abilities of the riders. These off-road bikes are for kids of all ages. You’ll find balance bikes and fast gravel bikes, race-ready stiff bikes, and full-suspension mountain bikes like the Spark and Ransom.

In 2021 we added the Ransom 600 and 400. A 140/130 long travel enduro bike with balanced geometry, custom suspension and dropper post, 24″ or 26″ wheel adjustment and custom components.

The Scale RC Walker and Scale RC 200 have been added to the collection for 2022, extending the choices.

Future Pro bikes have wheel sizes from 12″ to 27.5″ for riders of almost all ages! This collection includes 12 custom models.

Click HERE to discover the Future Pro Bikes range.

Big Kids Bikes

Our Big Kids bikes are all fun and progress with confidence. These bikes are designed to inspire and at the same time stand the test of time with clever details and an affordable price. With a variety of wheel sizes, component options and designs, this collection offers plenty of options for young cyclists racing in their neighborhood or going to school.

Our Big Kids bikes have wheels ranging in size from 20 to 26 inches for children aged 5 to 12 approximately. This is our largest collection with over 19 designs.

Click HERE to discover the Big Kids Bikes range.

Bike for the little ones

Our children’s bikes are made to support the youngest cyclists who fall in love with two wheels. These walking and pedal bikes include smart and functional features with designs that will make their first bike unforgettable and they will learn to ride while having fun!

Our children’s bicycles have wheel sizes of 12″, 14″ and 16″ for children aged 2 to 5 approximately. This collection includes 7 models.

Click HERE to discover the range of bikes for small children.


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