[Sea Otter] 29″ Kona Process 153 & Operator 29″ Prototype


We stopped by the Kona booth today and saw a couple of new things. First and foremost, any given corner’s worst nightmare – Connor Fearon has been bouncing between a 27.5″ and 29″ Operator…The 29″ version is highly adjustable and not in production form.


The frame is so burly that the wheels almost don’t look that small.

Almost everything is carbon, except the chainstays. A bit of ankle rub makes us wonder if this rider was on flat pedals.

The shock link is MASSIVE. You’ll also notice a flip chip for BB height/Head angle adjustments.

In current prototype form, there are 3 possible positions for reach, via 2 different headset cups – one neutral cup and one that can flip to the front or back. For production it will be two position with subtle differences between lengths.

An alternate angle of the headset cup.

Rapid prototype fork bumper.

Adjustable chainstay length.

Something tells us Connor was here.

Process 153 Carbon 29″

With the success of the Process 153 with 27.5″ wheels, Kona decided to go with a wagon wheeled option for 2019. Here it is…

Not a huge departure from the current Process 153.

Clean routings and oversized pivots.

New colorways and graphics.

…And still a HUGE shock link.


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