[Sea Otter] Norco Aurum

We stopped by the Norco booth at Sea Otter to take a peek at their latest offering : the Aurum. Their new DH race weapon goes 650b for 2016 and features some cool concepts that Norco has always offered as well as some new ones. With 200mm of travel and three levels of spec the bike is looking really good.
The upper link on the Aurum is massive.
The downtube/shuttle guard also serves as a fender and mounts nicely with the fork bumpers/cable guides.
All hardware on Norco bikes are easy to tighten from the drive side. No fussing with wrenches on both sides of the bike. In many cases you only need one wrench.
Bolt on downtube protection.
Internal seatpost clamp.
Massive, oversized headtube.
FSR style rear end.
Clean, bolt on cable guides.

Tidy cable guides assimilate into the fork bumpers nicely.
Lastly, here is a sneak peek at our new Norco Range Carbon test bike which showed up yesterday. We can’t wait to build it up.

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