[Sea Otter] Syncros’ 1250 gram Silverton SL Carbon Wheelset


Syncros, an in-house components division at Scott Bike just launched a new proprietary wheelset that is quite radical, to say the least. Aside from the hub, it is almost completely comprised of carbon fiber in a design that seemingly melds rim, spokes and a hubshell all out of one piece. In reality there are multiple pieces that come together into an 8 piece mold. Anyhow, here is a closer look at the freakishly light, 1,250 gram Silverton SL wheelset.



• 1250 grams
• Ceramic bearings/DT-Swiss internals
• 26mm inner diameter / 31mm outer
• Centerlock brake interface only
• 20 Spokes
• September Availability
• OEM in 2019
• $3500 US

Some of cutaways of various bits and pieces that comprise the Silverton SL

An engineer for Sycros walks us through the presentation, explaining a bit about the spoke structure…He noted that these wheels are:

*30% Stiffer than Nino Schurter’s current DT-Swiss Tubular wheels
*The standalone rim is 27% lighter than ENVE and DT-Swiss carbon fiber XC rims.

By having the spokes crossed, there are straiter lines, which is optimal for carbon fiber. There are no nipples, the spokes are bonded directly to the rim.

The hubshell is sandwiched under tension (which inevitably is the finely tuned spoke tension) and then glued and bonded between the flanges.

Once that bonding occurs, the rest of the hub internals are installed.

The angle that the spoke hits the rim seems extreme, but it also appears well supported…

With the Silverton SL being clearly aimed at XC, Syncros is also unveiling two new carbon fiber wheelsets that are aimed at trail and enduro. The Silverton 1.0 is for trail/AM and the Revelstoke is aimed at Enduro.

Last, but not least, Syncros’ iC integrated cockpit sees a new special edition version with Nino Schurter’s exact specs, which are rather extreme, and listed on the screen below.  Retail will be $429 US, with more details to follow.

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