Specialized Introduces the Cannibal DH Tire

Today Specialized is announcing a new DH Tire – dubbed the Cannibal, it has already enjoyed two podiums in Lourdes as piloted by Finn Iles and Loic Bruni. Specialized approached this tire with a from the ground up approach and thus it is unlike anything else in their lineup…


  • 29 x 2.4 and 27.5 x 2.4
  • Rubber compound: T9
  • Casing: Grid Gravity
  • Pricing: €70 / $80 USD


The knob layout is certainly unique. These days just about every time a new tire comes out, it looks like something that is already available. With the Cannibal, this isn’t the case…

As far as compound and casing are concerned, the T9 compound is Specialized’s softest and slowest rubber available. From our testing on other tires with T9 rubber, it has been excellent, so we look forward to checking these out. As far as the casing goes, the Grid Gravity offering is quite tough, but it seems to be on par with an Enduro rating. Perhaps these DH level tires have a steel bead and a bit more reinforcement. We’ll keep you posted…


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