Specialized Launches S-Works Tire Line for XC

At the World Cup Race in Albstadt, Specialized presented a new series of S-Works tire dedicated to XC racing. More specifically, here is what they’re offering.

  • Renegade 2.1″ & 2.3″

  • Ground Control 2.1″


  • Fast Trak 2.1″ & 2.3″

The assortment is very similar to the “classic” lineup, with some differences provided by the more widely spaced and less pronounced knobs to increase the smoothness.

All of these tires come from the new Vietnam plant in which Specialized works with exclusively for the cycle sector, thus having more control over the production process. They’ve developed a very light casing, 120DPI, and very smooth tread patterns, as can be seen from this comparative table.

The 2.1 “Renegade is the lightest of the lot, with only 511 grams declared, on the scale it was also lighter.

Below are the specifications of each tire.

A special latex is also available for the S-Works line: this is simply rebranded but it adapts well to the characteristics of new tires, in particular it seals well when repairing a puncture and using a cartridge of CO2. It also does not ruin the rubber with time.

The price of each tire is 46.90 Euro, availability is immediate. The Specialized team has been racing aboard them for some time and is doing so this weekend in Albstadt.


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