Sprindex: New Adjustable Coil Spring System

Sprindex is a new system that allows you to adjust the resistance of the coil spring in your rear shock, without the help of tools, which avoids the main problem of coil sprung shock absorbers, that is, the lack of adjustment according to the weight and preferences of the rider.

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In common springs for shock absorbers, the increments are 50 pounds (in some cases, 25 lb), which does not allow a fine tuning adjustment for intermediate values. Sprindex solves this problem.


How it works: the firmness of the spring is determined by its diameter, the number of turns and the type of material. Turning the Sprindex touches the number of active turns (not preload). Here you can find more information on how it differs from preload and why this is not a good parameter for adjusting the shock absorber.

Sprindex springs are made of steel and are lighter than OEM springs – they have been designed to be mounted on almost every shock absorber on the market. They can be purchased at stores or directly at sprindex.com at a price of $ 140.

Sprindex is a new company, created by the founders of Crankbrothers (Carl Winefordner, Frank Hermansen, Andrew Herrick) along with Richie Schley.


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