SRAM Introduces DUB Cranksets/Bottom Brackets

SRAM just announced a new line of cranksets and bottom brackets dubbed DUB. Now, before you go freaking out thinking “great, more standards…” please read the following carefully. There are no new frame shell standards being introduced. In short, SRAM have found a way to engineer new bottom brackets that fit in pre-existing BB shells and utilize the same crank spindle across all of the currently available, varying interfaces.

Let’s say you have a pair of flagship XX1 Eagle DUB SL cranks on a BB30 equipped frame but you want to transfer them over to a frame with a threaded BB. No problem – instead of having to buy new cranks, you would just need a $38 DUB bottom bracket. SRAM accomplished this by using one spindle diameter for all cranksets which is larger than the standard BSA/GXP cranksets currently utilize, but slightly smaller in diameter than a BB30 spindle. Worth noting is that generally speaking, the bottom brackets use larger bearings than before. Our contact at SRAM emphasized that bottom bracket bearing life and overall quality should improve substantially. 


Last but not least, SRAM can now boast that they  offer the world’s lightest crankset as the XX1 Eagle DUB SL crankset weighs in at a scant 422 grams with a 32T chainring at 175mm long. These cranks will feature a super light “SL” version of SRAM’s X-Sync chainring. Speaking of chainrings, DUB does not bring about any new chainring offsets.

Key Details

• DUB™ is a single replacement for 30mm and 24mm BB spindles options
• DUB™ bottom brackets fit all frame shell standards
• DUB™ does NOT introduce any new frame shell standards

Crank Specs

*Crank weights taken without crank boots.

Bottom Bracket Specs

Crankset Pricing

Bottom Bracket Pricing

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