Steps to the Podium : Aaron Gwin, Richie Rude & Cody Kelley

It’s not just about the results. It’s about the experience. Richie Rude of Yeti-Fox Factory Team, Cody Kelley of Alchemy Factory Racing Team, and Aaron Gwin of YT Mob get that more than most. A few months ago we caught up with them in Aaron Gwin’s backyard around Vail Lake and California’s Temecula trails for a three-day shoot and just to hang out. We learned that, although they put their careers at the forefront, they don’t let anything get in the way of having a good time. Richie wanted to ride his bike up and over everything 24/7 – even so much as to hit jumps UP the mountain (instead of down). Aaron’s just as much of a savvy storyteller as he is a stylish rider, and we’re over the top with appreciation because of how welcoming he was as a host. And Cody was smiling and having a ball the whole time. He manualed over everything, cracked jokes any time the opportunity arose, and kept the stoke levels high. We can’t wait until the next time we get to hang out with the three in between their races.


Credit: Giro

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