14, 5 kilometers in less the 22 minutes, at a maximum speed of 78.474 kilometers per hour. Undoubtedly the Super Downhill came to stay and in its third consecutive year, surprised everyone with a track in excellent conditions. And not just the guests who came from Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Italy, also the national riders since it was their first time encountering a big attraction: a massive road gap.

About the track, starting at La Parva’s Bike Park (3500 meters above sea level) and finishing at 1350 meters.


The mountains in addition to giving us energy and a really attractive landscape, are charged with an endless number of colors.

La Parva´s weather never ceases to amaze, the sun can be really overwhelming, but the wind can change the weather’s conditions in seconds, turning the adorable sky into a blanket of clouds full of cold.

This tender grass looks like a perfect mattress to rest, but the truth is that this “yaretas” are something where you should never fall.

Milciades Jaque giving the final touches to his rear tire.

More than a race in which the physical and mental strength is pushed to the limit, the Super DH is an event which demands to think up a good plan in order to look for point in favor, Sebastian Ramirez used a 27.5 rear wheel and 29 front wheel.

From the first turn to the beginning of the track, were 3 different transports, so planning the arrival time was rather important, because from the finish line to the starting point took at least 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Even though the hill is covered with big rocks and loose stones, La Parva didn’t intimidate Pedro Ferreira, who doesn’t wear gloves although the situation deserves it.

Emilio Jofre didn’t participate in the race, however he trained throughout the first part of the circuit. Had he competed, he would have earned great results.

Sixth up to the first intermediate time, but a puncture in the rear wheel crushed what could have been a great result.

Riders list in hand, chronometer, radio and taking notes of each rider that passed, Pedro Castro prepared himself at the speed-trap, surprising everyone again being won by Antonio Leiva, who clocked in a speed of 78.474 kilometers per hour.

Jose Noemí on his way to clinching his victory Enduro Junior.

Volkmar Berchtold from Brazil dropped a minute of his time from his qualifying time, but this wasn’t enough and even with a crash, he got the 4th place in the Masters A1.

Mauricio Acuña won the Super DH in 2016 and until now he has the record on the track. He classified first, and in the first Intermediate time he was almost 28 seconds ahead, but it wasn’t enough to get rid of mishaps that he came across on the track.

First place Junior and 4th consecutive race in the Top Ten. Felipe is approaching the podium step by step.

Antonio Leiva’s unmistakable style.

Fernando Riquelme making a debut on the team and on a new bicycle with a third place in Elite.

14th place for Dennis Tondin who hit a rock at the end of the track.

Florencia Espiñeria recently changed teams, and from that moment on she has always been on the podium. This time she got 3rd place in Women’s, making for good practice race going into her upcoming Enduro races.

Felipe Vial was fast and fluid during training, which allowed him to earn 2nd place in qualy. Speculations have arisen that he might be in the podium in the final.

These road cyclists couldn’t believe someone flying across the street that they use daily.

That’s what a wheel looks like after casing a road gap.

Ignacio Rojo is looking after his students, and if necessary he rides the track himself just to check and make sure everything is in order.

Not even a blow to the knee stopped Juanjo Valverde from getting 1st place in Master C.

Cristobal Ramirez blew his rear tire on the qualification day (Saturday), but things improved a lot the day of the final, since he got 2nd place in Master A1

Not even big rocks nor the difficulty of the track scared Alia Marcellini from racing on a 29″ enduro bike. That resulted in 1st place in the Women’s Elite category with a time of 25:52.504.

Second year in a row where Sebastian Ramirez obtains the highest position in the Enduro Master A1 podium. Great cause for celebration since just a couple of years ago he suffered a massive accident on these same trails where the race took place.

Sebastian Alfaro said this race was crazy: highly difficult technical zones, big jumps and physical weariness which made this race a great challenge from beginning to end.

Matias Ibaceta ripping turns but unfortunately falling a couple of meters down the road.

This spider’s web was on the side of a turn waiting to trap an out of control rider.

First place for Pedro Burns in the Enduro Seniors category.

After his enduro bike had some problems, Milciades Jaque ran the finals on a downhill type of bike and had to get used to it just in time for the final downhill. The final result was 4th place Elite, speeding up to 77.837 just like Felipe Vidal.

The special guest in this race was Markolf Berchtold who is still  the best South American downhill racer of all time.

Felipe Vial on his way to the 1st place on this 2017 edition. There have been three different winners on the 3rd edition of this race. Pedro Ferreira being the first one, followed by Mauricio Acuña and finally Felipe Vidal.

Several riders used this huge downhill to test their abilities. Pictured, you can see Monsterrat cutting into the final turnss before the finishing line.

From these big rocks you could take a look around and see the riders going through the last bit of the track. Eduardo Droopy Jerez went fluently, this being one of the sections that many used for resting before the finishing line.

Do you remember Valparaiso Cerro Abajo? This wallride was part of it and it was a good memory for some and for others not so much. But many riders fared better with it in the Super Downhill, since this was featured in the final part and everyone was unharmed.

After qualifying second on Saturday, Felipe Vial finally got first place in the finals with 21:09.626.

Many kilometers travelled and it’s now it’s time to give our bicycles a much needed bath.

The fastest bike of the week, here you can see 19 more that were participating on the weekend.

A life 100% connected to the mountainbiking, Markolf doesn’t plan on losing this race next year.

Junior’s Podium
1- Felipe Agurto
2- Juliano Juli
3- Nicolas Lozano

Women’s Elite Podium:
1- Alia Marcellini
2- Andrea Farias
3- Florencia Espiñeira

Elite Podium:
1- Felipe Vial
2- Pedro Ferreira
3- Fernando Riquelme

This Super Downhill has ended and now we’ll just have to wait for next year to experience this competition in the Chilean mountains again.

A congratulations to each rider that took part in this race, it really is a massive challenge that pushes the limits of the body and the mind, being there and competing will never be easy.

Elite Results

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