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2 June 2015, La Morra (CN) – Italy

Thanks to the same masterminds of the Superenduro series, a new race format is coming to light; the outcome of a revolutionary and ground-breaking vision of cycling contests: the Superenduro B-Road.

On the 2nd of June 2015 this new Superenduro-branded adventure will take off from La Morra, a village nestled in the amazing landscape of the Langhe region. The event will take place on the local network of secondary roads, a lovely and twisting criss-cross of routes, up and down the green vineyards, the ancient medieval villages and the world-class wine companies. The challenge will mostly take place on asphalt, but there will be sections of gravel and cobble road. All of them, however, far away from the traffic and from the pollution of the main roads.

The time off that the Superenduro staff took from organizing their mountain-bike series at the start of the 2015 season has not switched off their desire to innovate or their passion for the bicycle world. The other way round: that break gave them the chance and the time to finally put together this new project, a plan they have had in their mind for a while.

In 2007 we created the Superenduro format in order to give a racing application to the growing offer of long-travel trail bikes which otherwise would have been hardly understood by the market. Nowadays more and more brands are producing road bikes that are pushing the limits of what is feasible with a skinny bike. Time has come to give life to the Superenduro B-ROAD!”  Franco Monchiero tells us. The main goal of the Superenduro B-ROAD is giving support to a change that is taking place within the road bike industry: a technical evolution towards a broad-spectrum of bikes, less extreme, more relaxed and good fun to ride. With this format we are not trying to replace the “ciclismo classico”, instead we want to welcome and support a growing philosophy within the road cycling scene, a new way for the riders to enjoy this amazing sport and the countryside.  

The idea at the base of the Superenduro B-Road format is that of enjoying road cycling with more freedom, in a more “enduro” way, as the original term suggests: something different and less tied to the type of course and surface under the wheels. Just the pure expression of the exploration thirst of the cyclists, finally free from the technical limits of the mechanical devices they have to deal with. 

Enrico Guala states: “The initial phase of format planning and the organization of this event took me back to the first years of Superenduro. It is all about combining the technical evolution of the machine with the needs of the users and of the territory, to offer them an experience well beyond the race event itself. People are talking a lot about “gravel”, but Superenduro B-ROAD is going beyond any definition. Someone will consider it a real revolution and for many it is going to be that very thing they always dreamed of but never dared to ask for!The Superenduro B-Road awaits you on the 2nd of June 2015 at La Morra (CN). 

Be open to new Roads!

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