New Flow Trails In Livigno

The new “Flow” frontier of MTB is finally reaching Livigno. During the summer Carosello 3000 will inaugurate a new network of trails dedicated to mountain bikes and designed in a flowing way thanks to a continuoussequence of curves, small bumps and jumps.


What’s the fundamental characteristic? Everyone can ride through the flow-trails according to its own descent speed and skill level. A new layout style based on speed and rhythm that will guarantee  the desired safety to beginners and families and a feeling of riding a roller coaster to all the expert bikers.


The Carosello 3000 Mountain Park will be opened from Saturday 11th of July to Sunday 13th of September and two cable cars will be available for the transport to the top. For the opening day 10 km of new tracks divided into two trails will be already rideable. The “Coast to Coast”, 6 km of curves and jumps in front of the beautiful scenery of the Livigno lake, and the “Roller Coaster”, 4 km of pure freedom in flow style. During the summertwo new paths will be under construction and shall be accessible as soon as they will be completed.


The trails have been designed in collaboration with the MTB legend Hans “No Way” Ray, Livigno testimonial since many years and inventor of the Flow style trails, and with the supervision and precious advises of the“architect” of mountain bike paths Diddie Schneider. The new paths will be exposed under the IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) in order to obtain the official “Flow Trails” certification, thanks to whichLivigno could upgrade from the Silver Level to the Gold Level in the offered services quality index rank of the mountain bike.


All the information about the new flow paths are directly available on the website where under the Trail Alert subscription you can receive an e-mail notification about the Opening Day, trail characteristics and on-board videos every time a trail is completed. Also, on the website you can purchase online a 3 non-consecutive days trial ticket for a super-discounted price.

Ultimately, the new trails network has been designed in order to connect already existing natural trails thus far little exploited by the bikers because of the lack of connections. The “Hairy Cow” is a good example, an all-mountain 4 km trail that will allow the connection of the cable cars and a greater offer since the opening day. 


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