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[Tech Corner] Suspension Pivot Check And Clean

[Tech Corner] Suspension Pivot Check And Clean



Creaking and noise in your suspension often depends on where you ride. Problems can occur especially with your suspension pivots when dust and dirt get between the metal surfaces or carbon and metal mounting points and start to make the bike creak and have strange sounds which can be very annoying.

We show you a simple method for removing noise, in this case from our Cannondale test bike which was lightly creaking after a very dusty ride. The squeak/creak noise that we finally identified was coming from the top pivot.  In many cases most bikes have a similar pivot set-up with sealed cartridge bearings. It is a good idea to check monthly that everything is clean around those bearings, especially if riding in dusty conditions, fine dust has a way of working its way into tight areas between surfaces and making your bike noisy.

Tools: Allen Keys, cleaner, an old rag.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-3

There are three pivots one of which was creating a creak.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001

The top pivot was identified as the main source of noise. As you can see it is covered in dust.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-4

The pivots are all dry bushed pivots with sealed bearings, but dirt can still build up and cause a creak.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-7

Firstly remove the pivot bolts with an Allen key, in this case a 5mm.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-9

Check the bolts for wear, here the bolt is dry no lube, but there is a build up of dust.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-10

Taking the pivot apart there is grime build up that needs to be removed.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-14

Also remove any loose hardware and check for wear and dust build up.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-16

Here you can see a build up of dirt around the bearing casing, a prime source of creaking sounds.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-17

We remove the bushing and clean one of the main pivots.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-18

The through axle is removed.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-20

The exposed bearing is very dirty and with dust/dirt build up on the different surfaces despite regular washing. A gentle squeaking sound was emanating from this area.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-21

The through axle also has dirt build up, despite washing the bike regularly it has not been removed.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-22

Take a dry rag and start to clean the pivots.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-23

Clean also all surfaces around the bushings.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-24

A clean axle.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-25

Clean hardware parts that go against the bearing.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-27

The receiving end of the seat stay here needs more dirt removal than just with a dry cloth.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-30

Here we use a gentle degreaser.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-32

We also used a light lubricant on any axle parts.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-34

The bearings are cleaned with out any aggressive cleaning fluid, we do not want to strip out the grease from within the bearing casing.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-35

Also check and clean the wheels axle drop out.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-37

After degreasing, the pivot receiving opening is clean.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-38

The axle is clean.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-40

Very lightly spray, in this case a water based lubricant, onto the bearing surface to ease mounting, wipe excess clear.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-43

Reposition and mount the stay swing arm.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-44

With a soft mallet re-home the axle.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-45

Tighten down the pinch bolts to the specified recommended torque.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-47

Remount the rear pivot points, checking everything is straight and clean.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-48

Tighten everything down, ensure there is no over tightening.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-50

The rear pivot area is cleaned and now creak free after a wheel remount and test.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-51

Check the other pivots and clean as necessary.

150908_untitled_Canon EOS 7D_0001-53

Back in one piece, the whole operation took around 30 minutes and saves hours of frustration on the trail when riding with a creaky bike. A simple yet very effective way to make your ride more enjoyable.


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