Testing the Bliss Knee pads on the Trails of Punta Ala.

[Test] Bliss Classic Knee Pads


Bliss Protection was founded in 2006 by Matthias Ascherl: the main aim of their protection is to be a slim line and light weight as possible. We tested a pair of their lightweight classic knee pads that retail for €49.99 and are often the first step for those seeking extra protection and who don’t see the need to go straight for the most heavily protective pair of pads.

Bliss have produced a classic entry level knee pad that meets all the needs of the normal rider.

Features And Fit


The Bliss knee pads are very light weight and fit close to the knee without any bulk on the front. The side padding is thin enough that it can’t be noticed. These pads although they are the entry level model are designed for normal impacts that one might find on any Enduro trail. The strap system is simple yet effective and wraps around the front of the pads passing through a number of loops that keep it in place. Each strap has a tab that aids removal. The pads when worn did not interfere with riding shorts and covered the main knee area. They are not long pads so the shin area is still exposed.

The materials seemed sturdy enough, but there are no rubber areas or moulded components reflecting the price range of these pads. The edge of the main pad area was reinforced and should hold up to average wear and tear.

The fit of most pads is quite personal due to all the different leg shapes out there. We tried the large size and felt that the sizing was fair compared to the idea of what “large” means between brands. They stayed in place without a problem and were easy to put on.

Testing the Bliss Knee pads on the Trails of Punta Ala.
Testing the Bliss Knee pads on the Trails of Punta Ala.


When pedalling these pads are actually really good as they are thin, so it is possible to pedal without too much interference. We rode around for about 2 days with these pads and they remain comfortable after a few long climbs. The tendency of some pads is to ride down or up when pedalling, we found the Bliss Classic to be acceptable on this front and we did not adjust them more than any other pad.

Each pad has side protection that is simple yet effective.


We rode some aggressive trails in Punta Ala that would definitely be hard enough to justify the need for pads. The Bliss stayed in place even after sweating and lots of aggressive movements. They did not restrict our movements and played to the point that Bliss is trying to make about lightweight pads. We did not fall off so could not test their impact effectiveness but compared to other pads we have used they felt ample and gave us enough confidence that we needed to ride safely and fast. We sweated quite heavily and did not find that they rubbed, they also dried out quite quickly after use.

The main front protection covers most of the necessary area required to be effective.
The straps have a neat tab so it is easy to pull the velcro straps off.
The rear of each pad has mesh like rear panel that allows the knee to breathe.


Bliss have aim for the low end of the market with this knee pad an produced a lightweight fairly good pad that does what is needed with no frills bells or whistles. They are lightweight and low profile and considering the price range fit pretty well. There are a minimal number of panels in the pads and the main pad can be removed so it can be washed. Basic ergonomics are right. However as with all pads it is worth trying to see if they fit your leg shape. Overall for the price the Bliss Classic are excellent and should wear fairly well. Obviously better pads have advantages that these pads don’t offer, but considering what they do offer we can’t complain and would select them as an ideal entry level pad for those who ride a few times a week. We will have them now on long term test to see how well they wear.

Test Trails : Punta Ala

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