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All Mountain Style specialise in making frame guard products for your bike. Like all riders, no one likes to see their steed scratched or dinged, and there have been few easy to use solutions out there before AMS arrived on the scene. They sent us a couple of variations to try out and test over the last few months.




– High impact and rub resistance honeycomb 380 microns semi-rigid PVC.
– Minimum weight (20 grams / 0.70 ounces)
– Cool look&feel honeycomb material.
– Easy to install. Allows repositioning while installing.
– Automotive-grade materials. Won’t yellow over time. Guaranteed.
– 9 parts for a universal protection system: 1 big part for the down tube; 5 arrow shaped sections for extending the down tube protection for the chainstay or for top tube; 3 circles for cable wear protection.
– €24.90 EUR

In Use

The main issue with frame protection that we have used in the past has been the difficulty of applying and the general aging of the materials used in the adhesive protection. Applying the All Mountain Style protection was actually pretty easy. We stuck it on alcohol cleaned sections of frame and on sections where we just wiped the frame with a dry cloth. We wanted to see how it really adhered. We did get a few air bubbles, mainly due to our own inability to apply the material flawlessly. However, if not pushed down hard the sticker can be removed and repositioned. We used a pin on the last remaining air bubble.


The front of our Cannondale Jekyll test bike has a wide top tube that we have noticed risks getting scratched when we have used it. So we applied one frame guard in that location.


The honey comb material ahered really easily, and before we really pressed it down we could reposition it slightly. We applied a clear material version which did not appear too obvious at all after application.


We did trap an air bubble which was easily removed by a pin.


Once installed we rode with the protection for more than two months and in that time we have noticed how well it remains stuck to the frame – especially above where the frame is very angular. There have been no edges lifting or detachments from the frame.

Our time with our bike has been busy recently and we have been really putting it through the paces. The extra protection offered really does work well on our top tube location. The AMS guard stops rubbing from legs and shorts when you lean the bike over in a corner, or stop and sit on the top tube. We also applied it to seat stays after a while, to stop any foot rub. Our down-tube doesn’t need it as the cables run down the exposed part of the tube.  Where we have applied it we have noticed it has stopped us making any nicks in the paint on the frame, with the material taking the brunt of any object force. The material is thicker than other protection we have used and in this case it means it does act as a rebound buffer to any object rubbing or hitting the frame. Obviously it is not a kevlar protective suit for your bike, so any sharp objects with enough force will get through. Normal everyday trail use and shuttle riding will be resisted well.


At the end of the day if you look after your bike, and if like most riders in the future wish to upgrade or change it, the AMS guards do keep the value of you bike higher as it wont be covered in rub, chip and wear marks. We particularly liked adding a few pieces to our fork lowers, which always get beaten up. Over time the material does not yellow or look like crappy scotch tape stuck to your bike. In our opinion an easy €25 to spend to protect your pride and joy.


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