[Tested] All Mountain Style Mud Guard


All Mountain Style sent us a few bits and pieces for testing a while back. A new brand from Barcelona mainly specializing in frame protection, they also make a stem, frame strap and some apparel. We’ve been using their mud guard on two of our bikes for the last couple of months. The one pictured is actually sold out at the moment, but it is available in 10 colorways/graphic combinations. Here’s what we thought of it.


  • 1.2mm thick
  • 243mm (9.6″) length
  • 39 grams
  • Designed and made in Barcelona
  • €14.00 EUR / $16.55 USD


On the surface, graphics aside, the AMS Mud Guard doesn’t look a hell of a lot different from the now iconic Marshguard. The end comes to a bit more of a point however.

It’s difficult to tell from pictures, but at 1.2mm, the AMS guard is also slightly thicker than a Marshguard, which, unfortunately, we don’t know the exact thickness of.

The AMS guard also has a bit more material protecting the dust wiper on your fork. Smart…

A better view of the extra material – it’s where the AMS logo is.

On the trail

In the grand scheme of a plastic mud guard review, there isn’t all that much to talk about. We thought initially that since this unit is a bit on the thicker side, it might have some difficulty shedding excess mud, as it might not be able to flex and shake off build up while riding. Alas, we were wrong as it most certainly didn’t have any issues. The main benefit to the additional thickness is that it’s likely a bit tougher. We didn’t have any big crashes which could prove us correct, but it definitely feels a bit more stout.

While it’s difficult to gauge how effective the added material is in keeping the dust wipers clean, it certainly can’t be  a bad thing. The camo looked nice on our new Stumpjumper ST and and will blend in with quite  a few color schemes in general. While there are a few questionable choices for graphics and colors, we understand that style is subjective. Black is also out of stock at the time that we’re writing this, but it’s worth a look at the other options.


In short, we certainly had no actual issues with the All Mountain Style Mud Guard. While Marsh Guard is a well established name that might be tough to compete with, we think the AMS guard is takes the nod due to it’s improved shape and added thickness. The price is just about the same, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re considering a simple, straightforward and universal fender.


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