[Tested] Fabric / 50:01 Magic Grips


Josh “Ratboy” Bryceland has been working with Fabric, a UK component and accessory brand, for some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that he and his crew (50:01) got to make their own signature grip. We first saw a sample set on a ride with Ratty last winter in Santa Cruz, but didn’t get our hands on a production set (no pun intended) until a few months back. We mounted them on our daily driver and have been riding them ever since.


The Magic grip is ribbed, much like the classic ODI longneck, but with a bit less “crush” and a very interesting ergonomic shape. As you’d expect, like most lock-on style grips, the rubber sits on a thin, hard plastic sleeve.


  • Mushroom texture increases control in all conditions
  • Semi-ergo profile reduces arm pump and hand fatigue
  • 30a durometer provides additional comfort
  • Single clamp increases overall grip surface
  • A tough nylon end cap protects your bars
  • 32mm diameter
  • 104 grams/pair (our scale)
  • £16.99
  • 135mm length

The clamp itself is actually quite brilliant. There are two plastic prongs at the end of the grip which interlock with the hollow aluminum clamp. There is a plastic inset in the clamp which gently takes up play and helps prevent any dreaded movement.

The grips ship with a set of end plugs which aren’t quite hard plastic, nor are they soft rubber. They stayed put and kept the soft, rubber end of the grip safe. Perhaps most importantly, they had a slightly smaller outer diameter than the grip itself, so they didn’t dig into the butt of our palms.

Nerd alert: Fabric claims the grips are 106 grams…Ours weighed in at 104 grams after some use. Perhaps we shed two grams of rubber?

On the trail

From the get go, we really liked the ergonomic shape of the Magic grip – they just felt natural right away. The taller, raised ribs toward the middle in the center of the palm helped provide a perfect shape that you don’t get with most straight profile grips. The 30a rubber compound wasn’t all that soft, but they offered enough impact absorption and plenty of traction, even in the wet. With or without gloves the grips felt great, but we did notice that the outer bit, where the butt of your palm rests, was a bit thin and rode just a hair on the rough side initially. That said, after a few rides we toughened up and barely noticed. Then again, if they were to add much material, the grip would get too thick (in our opinion), and lose its touch.

If you tend to ride with your hands wide on the bars, you’ll likely love a good single clamp design, especially if the grips is a bit wide, like these. The broad, lockring is brilliantly designed, and the fact that they use a 3mm screw means you’ll likely never strip them out. Last, but not least, the wear has been excellent. With grips it’s a game of give and take – too soft and they wear out and blow apart. Too hard, and they’ll last forever, but hurt your hands. The Magic grip leans a touch toward the firm/durable, side without over doing it. All in all, we’re really happy with this grip and would definitely recommend them as being worth trying out.


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