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Kali Protectives have been a leader in innovation with helmet design for the last few years with their DH and Enduro helmets incorporating a special cone composite layup that reduces energy transmission to the skull in an impact, so much so a few other companies have licensed the idea. This know-how then obviously passes over into the half face trail helmets which meet all the stringent safety standards out there. Their new Amara trail helmet is now available that follows the Kali attention to detail and we have been testing one for the last period of time to see how it works in practice.


Kali was aiming at making a very light weight helmet with an expanded rear coverage design and a whole host of features that allowed cameras to be attached and air to flow, plus working in a crash. The helmet can fit GoPro, Light and Motion,  Night Rider,  Maglite, and a range of other systems onto the top of the helmet. There is also a bug guard netting and the helmet case is made of ultra lightweight polycarbonate with a breakaway visor.

The helmet fits really well and the vents allow for a cool air flow.
The peak works well and is more than just show, the strap system is very easy to adjust with the easily open clips on each side.

On The Trail


We used the Kali Amara as our trail helmet in and around our test location of Punta Ala. It proved to be very comfortable and lightweight, we found it remained stable on our head in in rough sections as the rear retention system allowed us to lock it down with no fuss, also we appreciated the camera mount positions.  The air flow through the helmet was good we did not find ourselves getting itchy or hot or excessively sweating. We did not fall off and thus “test” the impact ability of the helmet, but we felt the coverage around the back is substantial enough to make us feel secure when riding rougher trails. We did try the helmet with goggles and glasses in both cases there is room and both forms of eye-wear fit perfectly with this helmet.

Testing the helmet near Calaviolina, Punta Ala.

Helmet Details

The rail and attachment location for the camera and lights.
The rear of the helmet is low enough to offer protection.
The internal pads and straps are comfortable and required little adjustment.
The rear retention system is easy to operate and makes a big difference to comfort.
Camera or light rail.


We think the styling of the Kali Amara is actually pretty good compared to other helmets out there, it looks aggressive enough for Enduro and not too like an XC helmet, the colour schemes available should also keep most people happy. The helmet is super light weight and we felt it was a perfect trail helmet for our needs. It is a medium range helmet so is has more features than an entry level helmet and is very easy to adjust and fit with it’s retention system. We use cameras a lot so we appreciated a lot the mounts. When a camera was mounted the helmet remained stable on the head despite the extra weight.

Meets standards: EN1078:1997 + A1:2005
Weight: 363 grams
Price: 79,90 Euro

Kali Amara

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