[Tested] SKS Trail Tool Box


When looking for a trail multi tool many companies are trying to keep weight and size to a minimum and functionality to a maximum which is very hard to do, most tools out there seem to have too little to really satisfy every need unless that is you try the SKS Trail Toolbox.

Everything in a box.

We were working on a bar testing project and decided to only use our Trail Toolbox for all the switch overs and various projects that day and see how it faired against standard tools. Plus later on we spent serious time on the trail using this as our main tool. The SKS trail Toolbox seems to have every feature that one could possibly need in a trail tool system. There are many features which we didn’t even use as well. We particularly liked how the Tool box opened up into two parts with the man keys on one side and the other side the more wrench style keys, with spoke tension keys. This order kept everything clear and fast to access.


The main keys we use are the 4mm, 5mm and 6mm key. The quality of these keys was good and after lengthy use did not show signs of wear that often plague cheaper tools and if used under too much tension can damage bolts that you are trying to tighten or remove. The keys are long enough not to get in the way of the tool and allow easy access to the parts you need and give enough leverage. The 5mm key also has an 8mm adaptor on it and this we found particularly useful for switching pedals out.

The body of the case also acts as a leverage tool for removing tyres, with a chain tool buried at one end as well. We really found every conceivable tool on this product and were impressed with what we could do with the bike and this tool.

There is little left to want with this trail tool.
Quality keys mean bolts don’t break or get chewed up on the inside of the nuts.


If you are looking for a trail tool that does everything the SKS Toolbox seems to hit the mark well with everything one can imagine you need to do what needs to be done on the bike when out riding. We pushed it a little harder and tried using it as our tool set or a few days and it again seemed to do exactly what we wanted. SKS have spent time on making sure the keys are case hardened and don’t round bolt heads off as bikes have many expensive parts which can be sunk just by damaging one bolt head. This tool wont do that, and for us that’s the clincher.


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