[Tested] Troy Lee Designs Ruckus “Formation” Jersey



The latest version of the Troy Lee Designs Ruckus jersey has seen a couple of subtle improvements.  Most notably, two substantial pockets have been added out back to provide more room to stow and stash items if you’re the type of rider who’s looking to ditch the hydration pack.  The Ruckus has always been Troy Lee’s most versatile jersey; it’s a staple.  You could wear it in most temperatures on rides ranging from long days on light duty trails to shuttles on the downhill bike._IMC0180The Ruckus Formation comes in 3 different colorways that are fairly bold but not garish.  If you prefer a jersey that is truly as subdued as possible, take a look at the standard Ruckus; it’s $5 less and features a more plain set of graphics with all of the same materials and feaures.


  • 100% polyester moisture wicking fabric
  • TLD’s longest MTB jersey
  • Three quarter length sleeve
  • Quick dry treated fabric
  • Double back pocket design creates lots of room for accessories
  • Hidden glass/goggle cloth
  • Five sizes : S,M,L,XL,2XL
  • $65.00 (US)


The Ruckus has all of what you’d expect from a high end mountain bike jersey and then some.  Our favorite feature is the hidden, built in lens cloth.  We can’t count how many times it’s come in handy.  Keeping track of a glass/goggle bag is for the birds and because the cloth is stitched into the inside of the jersey it’s less apt to get sand or mud on it; therefore it’s unlikely that you’ll scratch your eyewear with it.UntitledAside from lens cleaning swatch, we dig the new pockets out back.  If you like SWAT style storage this should be right up your alley as well.  There are two and they each have room enough for things like glasses, a wallet, a Clif bar or a spare tube.

First Impressions

Our 6 foot tall tester opted for a medium jersey with it fitting a bit on the snug side as he prefers.  The fit overall on the Ruckus is excellent, we appreciated its longer cut in the midriff, especially out back.  There isn’t any excess material or bulky feeling to this jersey but at the same time, it feels substantial and the fabric seems tough and ready to withstand some crashes and multiple washes._IMC0175One last subtle feature that might go unnoticed is the mesh panels on the sides.  A long strip runs from the armpit to the waist; it’s made of a more breathable material to let heat and moisture escape.  We think it’s nicely placed and quite effective.

On the Trail

Straight away we were very comfortable in the Ruckus and honestly we hardly noticed the jersey or gave it much thought unless we were using the pockets or lens cloth.  The material used are super soft and comfortable while striking a good balance between sweat absorption and breathability._IMC1523The Ruckus’ fit is flawless.  There isn’t any bulk but you’re well covered.  3/4 sleeves are nice if your rides start out on a chilly morning ride but things heat up later.  You know, rides where the weather and temperatures can vary a bit.  We like having our banged up elbows covered by some material as well.  The long cut back panel keeps your waistband from being exposed; that way you don’t get roost in your shorts while you’re blasting down steep terrain.  _IMC0173There is a horizontal seam running part way up the back, likely to keep the jersey from sagging if you store heavier items in the back pockets.  Either way, it’s there but we hardly noticed it.


This is a fantastic jersey at a great price and it’s held up really well for us resisting fade and premature wear quite well.  We’ve worn it on a fairly warm day for a 35 mile jaunt.  We’ve worn it under a rain jacket for a big day in Squamish in the rain.  We’ve worn while lapping out some shuttles on the DH bike.  Perhaps it’s most commendalbe feature is its excellent fit, but the materials used and smart layout ust add to it.  The Ruckus is super versatile, tough and really damn comfortable.  You’d be hard pressed to find a situation on two wheels where you wouldn’t be content wearing it.



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