Given the great interest aroused yesterday by the reaction of the tires when we encounter an obstacle , today we are going to see more closely the effect that different compounds have on the behavior of the tires. In the video yesterday, in particular, it is the outside wall of the tire that absorbs for the most part an impact like a drop or a decisive blow, but on the small bumps it is the mixture that makes the difference, thanks to its consistency.


Schwalbe sent us four “balls”, one for each Addix compound, which are well suited to understanding the differences. Each has a different color, just like the lines drawn on every Schwalbe Addix tire. Note that the weights are purely indicative, and that the ultrasoft is 41 grams.

One aspect that is not addressed in the video is how long the tires last, which basically can be summarized by understanding the softer the compound, the quicker it wears.

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