The New RockShox Domain

Today, RockShox is announcing an all new Domain fork. Starting with Zeb’s architecture and 38mm stanchions, Domain whittles down the price to an impressive $549 USD by using their more affordable Motion Control damping cartridge as well as a few other cost saving measures. The Domain can still take a Zeb fender and still uses bottomless tokens to tune the progression curve of the Debonair spring. Read on for the full details in the press release below…

Send it. Don’t spend it.


Big value and a badass look come together under one roof in the all-new Domain. Featuring legitimate enduro capability, strength, and legacy, this robust fork is packed with value to meet the demanding needs of both MTBs and E-MTBs alike.

Domain RC

With bigger bikes come bigger demands. The new Domain takes cues from ZEB, our enduro specialist fork with serious credentials. Domain offers a new burly 38mm chassis, short fender compatibility, and a confidence-inspiring DebonAir air spring matched with a reliable Motion Control RC damper. We even brought the performance of Maxima Plush damping fluid along for the ride. Nothing goes as big as Domain does in value and performance.


  • Wheel size: 27.5″, 29″
  • Travel: 150mm, 160mm, 170mm, 180mm
  • Damper: Motion Control RC
  • Offset: 44mm (27.5″, 29″)
  • Upper tube: 38mm aluminum


  • NEW 38mm chassis for increased stiffness and rider confidence 
  • Motion Control RC damper featuring low speed compression adjust with externally adjustable dual flow rebound 
  • Highly tunable DebonAir air spring offers a consistent feel throughout the travel
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and quiets damper noise 
  • Short fender compatible (RockShox premium fender sold separately. AM Variants include RockShox zip-tie fender)  
  • Fits tires up to 2.8” without fenders – use of a short fender may reduce tire clearance

MSRP: $549 | €594* | £530* | *INCLUDES VAT | EMBARGO: APRIL 22, 2021 | RETAIL: July 2021 Available to Riders


What is the intended use of this fork?

The large 38mm diameter upper tubes and stiffer overall chassis are best suited to long travel all mountain and enduro bikes (150mm -180mm) as well as modern E-MTBs that benefit from a bigger, more capable front end. Domain is a fork that has the appropriate scale to look ‘right’ on E-MTBs but isn’t too heavy to find the fun way over flowy trails (2,540g / 5.6lbs).

How is Domain different than ZEB?

Domain leverages some of ZEB’s best features but forgoes some of its exclusive Signature Series-level spec to represent as a great enduro fork option at lower price points. Domain differs from ZEB with its 6000 series aluminum upper tubes, Motion Control RC or R (rebound-only) dampers, and bushings.

Are there different steerer diameters available for Domain?

Domain features 1.5” tapered aluminum steerers for both its OEM and Aftermarket options; the larger 1.8” tapered aluminum steerer is an option for OEM E-MTB models only.

Why are there different crown sizes available, and why not just one size?

Domain supports three different crown diameters to best match modern bike designs: 59mm as both an OEM and Aftermarket configuration option, and 63mm and 69mm crown sizes as OEM-only fork configurations. Additionally, the 69mm crown is large enough to accommodate the optional 1.8” steerer.

Will the DebonAir air spring from ZEB fit in Domain? Are they interchangeable?

Though both 38mm upper tubes, the DebonAir spring in ZEB will not fit in Domain. Domain uses 6000 series aluminum upper tubes which require a specific size requirement. 

Can I tune my Domain’s DebonAir air spring?

Bottomless Tokens are available for tuning Domain’s DebonAir spring – the maximum token quantity is three (3). Domain forks will ship from the factory with the following Bottomless Tokens installed:

180mm travel – (0) tokens installed.

170mm travel – (1) token installed.

160mm travel – (2) tokens installed.

150mm travel – (2) tokens installed.

Can I upgrade my Domain R to an RC?  What about a remote option for the RC model?

A Motion Control RC damper upgrade kit will be available for sale in the Aftermarket:

00.4318.060.000 AM UPGRADE KIT MOCO RC 38MM / MSRP $42.00 USD.

There will also be a remote Motion Control damper kit available for sale in the Aftermarket:

00.4318.061.000 AM RMT UPGR ONELOC FS R RC P DOMAIN / MSRP $98.00 USD.

– This Motion Control remote damper kit includes a OneLoc remote.

Can you upgrade Domain Motion Control damper to a Charger damper?

The Charger 2.1 RC2 ZEB Damper upgrade kit is compatible with the Domain. 

00.4318.048.000 AM UPGRADE KIT CHARGER2.1 RC2 ZEB A1 / MSRP $330.00 USD.

What rotor size is the direct mount brake for? What is the smallest and largest size rotors I can run?

Domain is 200mm direct mount. For a 220mm rotor a 20mm post-mount adapter is needed. 203mm rotors can also be used with a corresponding spacer kit, available as an aftermarket spare.

What is the largest size tire I can use with Domain?

Domain accommodates tires up to 2.8” on both 27.5” and 29” platforms. Use of the optional short fender or a mud guard might decrease this clearance depending on your tire choice, so always check the fork’s static and bottom out clearance to the tire closely when a fender is installed.

Is Domain compatible with a fender?

Domains sold in the Aftermarket will ship with a mud guard included that attaches using zip ties. The premium RockShox ZEB short fender is an optional purchase that also fits Domain and installs on the fork leg using included hardware. Additionally, some third-party suppliers have their own integrated fender solutions riders can purchase and install as well.  Please note that a fender or a mud guard might decrease tire clearance depending on your tire choice, so always check the fork’s static and bottom out clearance to the tire closely when a fender is installed.

The lower leg fork arch looks like it sits much further forward. Why? 

The design of the lower leg must accommodate many factors – two of these include clearance for mud guards at full travel as well as headtube clearance at bottom out.

What is the most appropriate RockShox rear shock to match with Domain?

Domain matches well across the board with all our rear shock offerings, which offer a comparable amount of travel on a given frameset.

How do I set up my new Domain?

The best place to start for set up guidance is the RockShox TrailHead app. You can download the app on your favorite smart phone, or visit TrailHead will lead you through the different settings to adjust your Domain fork for you.

Is there anything to note about service for the new Domain?

Domain aligns to the cadence RockShox established for service, noting that frequent rides may move up that timing interval for you (or your dealer) to give your fork some love. Access the Domain Service Guide for all the steps required to keep your fork running its best.

All this for only $549 USD MSRP?!? Seriously?!? 

Please, just take my money!!!

Right? Domain is all about getting big value and big performance without spending big! Demand is high for all bikes and cycling components right now but RockShox is working very hard to provide you with your very own Domain to ride and love. Ultimately, it is not too hard with Domain to see that there really is “Nothing Better”!


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