Troy Lee Designs Headquarters visit


Troy Lee Designs was founded in 1981 and since have built a deep rooted history across various two wheel and motorsports platforms. Best known for their lavish custom helmet paint jobs for some of “the worlds fastest racers” – TLD has also established itself as a lifestyle brand as well as a leading manufacturer in high end technical apparel and protective gear.

What separates Troy Lee Designs from other brands is something that resonates with each and every one of it’s employees : A serious love of racing. We recently took a stroll up to Corona, CA where TLD’s headquarters is open to the public showcasing it’s strong history in racing, over 33 years of iconic lids, bicycles, motos and even cars are proudly displayed. We were even lucky enough to sneak into the paint shop with camera in tow.



Welcome to TLD.




We snuck into Troy’s office. Unfinished projects, quirky inspirations, ramblings and color charts line the walls.


Cam Zink Rampage jersey. Judging by the looks of it, it’s from this year.




The space also serves as a retail store as well as a corporate headquarters. If you’re in the area and want to stop in, see some product for yourself and buy it there, feel free to do so. It’s worth making the trek just to see the history that lines the walls. TLD has also opened a retail store in Laguna Beach, CA – arguably the biggest MTB hotspot in So Cal.




MOTO! Lots and lots of motocross gear, helmets, bikes, etc.


I spy Dave Cullinan’s helmet from way back in the day. Last time we checked, Cully was playing a key role as Sales Manager for Troy Lee Designs.


Greg Herbold’s Miyata!


Kelly Lee’s Yeti. Troy’s brother and ex factory MTB racer!


Johnny Roy Bottema – Rest in Peace, this was Johnny’s “beach cruiser”… Shimano Airlines, twin disc rotors and slick tires for cruising the beach of course!


John Tomac memorabilia.


Seven MX is a brand out of the TLD house that was co-developed with moto phenom James “Bubba” Stewart. Here hangs parts of one of his kits.


Moving into the paint shop.


Brandon Semenuk Crankworx lid in the works.




This is where all the special projects and custom designs for sponsored athletes come to fruition. It’s also a creative space for the designers as they develop the future for consumer products as well.




When we say special projects that could encompass anything from guitars to surfboards to even cars being painted here.



The TLD hustling to put the finishing touches on this jersey for Mitch Ropelato to go get his enduro on this weekend!



Legendary designers at TLD pore over minutiae while crafting the finest custom paint jobs in the business. It was a treat to see them in their element. Thanks for checking out this feature. We hope you enjoyed it.

For more details visit the Troy Lee Designs website here.

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