[Video] Alien Blood – Tomas Lemoine Goes Extra-Terrestrial

It’s a given that a Tomas Lemoine project was going to be anything but ordinary. If you follow Lemoine on social media, you’ll know his passions run deeper than just a love of MTB. French rap and an unearthly obsession with aliens have been combined in his latest project to create an edit unlike anything else in the MTB universe.


This is Alien Blood. Working with the long time friend and videographer JC Pieri, the duo collaborated on this project. With JC understanding Lemoine’s vision and translating it for us on screen. The French rap, double flips, and huge style all came together to create one big dose of alien weirdness (with a little help from a special guest; The Black Alien Project. )

“For this first Canyon personal project I really wanted to show my personality; so I decided to make the song, do the biggest tricks I can do, and obviously link the alien vibe into it as I’m a big alien fan since a kid. It was a challenge to combine everything and make everything work together but super happy with the results and I think it shows who I am, and that was the main idea!” – Tomas Lemoine

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